Thursday, 19 July 2018

Devilman Saga Volume 05 Chapter 36 [English] [Manga]

Even Shadman can do better expressions
than this, and that says something.
Man, those faces look like fucking shit half the time. Seriously, they all have that confused expression like Nagai doesn't know how to convey them properly for the most part. Anyway, prepare for more talking next chapter, and the next, and then Jinmen appears. *snorts loudly* Umm. Bye.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Tokumu Houkoukan Yumihari - Chapter 06 v1.10 [English] [Manga]

God I wish that were me
That was the end of volume 1 and if you're confused, well, that is expected. Granted, it is 4 volumes long so we should get filled in on many details and all the stuff happening and that has happened, but I checked out a bunch of French reviews of it (from like 2008 when it was released there) and many of them said it was a nonsensical story. However, I'm guessing people just didn't understand it or know what the whole meaning of the story was. Anyway, I've been getting some corrections and help from Ikemen (of Hanebero scans IIRC) which I really do appreciate, so do expect fixes and the like for all the chapters of volume 1 in its release and on mangadex. Enjoy the chapter. Bai bai!

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Tokumu Houkoukan Yumihari - Chapter 04 v1.10 [English] [Manga]

That poop joke hit too close to home. Anyway, I knew I said that I'd be working on this and that and instead I'm working away on Yumihari here, but I'll be doing volume 1 of this and then going back to other thing. That said, see ya next time! Bai bai!

Monday, 9 July 2018

Tokumu Houkoukan Yumihari - Chapter 02 v1.10 [English] [Manga]

Oooh! This is pretty interesting, and things do get weirder as it goes on. Especially next chapter with the turtle feet girl with the weird face and the stone soldiers. Anyhow, that girl ripping off her face was pretty fucking horrifying, and the baby smiling as they're flying in the air was funny. That said, see ya next time!

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Devilman Saga Volume 05 Chapter 35 [English] [Manga]

I was going to start on Enchant Land, but when I realised that it was like 60 pages long, I had a major brain-fart. So, I decided to work on the next Saga chapter. Also, that A Team line. Now that's a cross-over I want to see. Anyhow, I'll probably do another Yumihari and Armitage chapter before working on Enchant Land given how long and big it is, but thank god chapters after the first one aren't so long. At any rate, enjoy the chapter. Bai bai!