Sunday, 30 March 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2: Making of Magic Knight Translation Progress Update - 30/3/14

Progress is going well but also slowly, I have been running into problems from time to time and the games code is more complex than The Missing Colors. This is due to it being on the Game Gear but I can't expect it to be as simple as a Game Boy, this is holding me back but I am getting there and in the space of time I have been working on it a good amount of progress has been done. You can see that in the video below, I just wanted to update those interested with this post so if your reading give me your support.

I will go into detail about the differences between the code of the games at a later date.

Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors English Translation - The Red Castle Release

The next release of the English Translation, currently mostly everything up till the end of the game has been done. Im going to hold out on the ending credits as currently I can't fit in the English text due to the limit of spaces, when everything else is done I will look into text pointers and do what I can. I am currently playing through the game myself to correct errors, spelling mistakes and translating the little Japanese that is left. I am around half way through the game myself, it shouldn't take me long to play the rest as the game so if there are any mistakes or errors I'll be sure to quickly correct them. Anyhow I want to hear what you guys think so play away and come back to me and tell me what you thought of the translation.


Help with Game
Check out this walkthrough for help with the puzzles as you'll need it, the hints are not very helpful.

The next final release will be when everything has been translated, I don't know when that will be as im also working on another translation which is now my primary project but don't worry as I will finish it. Translating that is much more taxing than The Missing Colors as Game Gear games have far more complex code than a Game Boy game does, progress is going well but I am running into problems from time to time. If your interested in Making of Magic Knight then check out the other post for an update on it's progress.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2: Making of Magic Knight Translation In Progress

My next translation again working alongside my buddy Kiiri, the aim of this one is to train the Magic Knights for 50 days to face the invading armies and to find the pillar. Im glad this one is actually based on the second season as none of the other games are which disappointed me alot because....... no Nova (Probably isn't in this one either ). Anyhow I'll make a release when a playable portion of the game is translated just like what im currently doing for the missing colors. I hope people will become interested as I want people to be involved and talk to one another about how the translation is going and stuff along those lines, anyhow thanks for reading and be on the lookout for this in the near future.

Pearse Hillock (Username Bob Liu) - Hacker/Production/Everything else other than Translating
Kiiri - Translator

For more frequent updates please follow the forum topic on romhacking.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors English Translation - The Green Fortress Release

Here is the next release of the English translation, it goes up to the end of the green tower and overall has about 60% of the game translated. There may be some errors and Japanese but remember that this is in progress and it will all be fixed up eventually. If you actually download this please remember to comment and let me know what you think.


Help with Game
As with before if you ever get stuck while playing the game then check out this walkthrough, I did and it helped me get through the game at a faster pace.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors English Translation - The Blue Tower Release

A release is here after almost a month of translating, this release features the first segment of the game out of three available in English. The plot of the game is to recapture the three colors that have been stolen, you fight your way through monsters in The Blue, Tower, Green Fortress and the Red Castle. I don't want people to wait until this is totally done as I know some are eager to play so im gonna release the translation in 4 segments. You may encounter some Japanese while playing but please remember that this is in progress and will your feedback it will be improved, for those of you reading thanks for your interest and have fun.

Planned Releases

  1. The Blue Tower
  2. The Green Fortress
  3. The Red Castle
  4. The Complete Translation

This is my first fan translation so it may not be "Professionally" done so possibly expect some mistakes here and there. I also had to take many liberties when translating the game such as rewriting dialogue and alot of stuff like that so the translation isn't perfect but it's understandable and that's what really counts. Please provide feedback to me as I want to hear what you think.


  • First segment of the game available in English
  • Battle System Translated (Mostly)
  • And More

Download (Recommend BGB Emulator to play, that's what I use)

Help with Game
If you get stuck while playing the game then check out this walkthrough, I did and it helped me get through the game at a faster pace.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors English Translation In Progress

Recently I started looking into translating video games at romhacking, it took me a while to fully understand the process of romhacking and implementing it into a game in general but I eventually got there. I wanted the play the Magic Knight Rayearth games and saw that most of them weren't translated so I took it upon myself to start translating The Missing Colors. I also plan to do the other games as I again want to play them.... plus I don't read Japanese.

It is me and a friend, my friend is translating around 80% of the work (I do some of it myself) but 100% of that I rewrite as he is Japanese translating it into English so I have to fix it up. I also then have to shorten down and rewrite the sentences to make sure it all fits in as I don't know how to use text pointers so I have to take many liberties in translating the game. This may upset some as seen in the topic on romhacking but hey im doing the best I can. I have translated roughly around a third of the game so far and that would be up to the end of the blue tower segment, im gonna make a release of that soon as I know people would want to play and I also want to see what people think.

The Team
Me - Hacker/Translator (I do the bulk of the work, implementing the English text and the like)
Kiiri - Translator (Rough translations that I nearly 100% rewrite)

Here is a video I recorded not long ago of the English translation so check that out if your interested.