Thursday, 6 March 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors English Translation In Progress

Recently I started looking into translating video games at romhacking, it took me a while to fully understand the process of romhacking and implementing it into a game in general but I eventually got there. I wanted the play the Magic Knight Rayearth games and saw that most of them weren't translated so I took it upon myself to start translating The Missing Colors. I also plan to do the other games as I again want to play them.... plus I don't read Japanese.

It is me and a friend, my friend is translating around 80% of the work (I do some of it myself) but 100% of that I rewrite as he is Japanese translating it into English so I have to fix it up. I also then have to shorten down and rewrite the sentences to make sure it all fits in as I don't know how to use text pointers so I have to take many liberties in translating the game. This may upset some as seen in the topic on romhacking but hey im doing the best I can. I have translated roughly around a third of the game so far and that would be up to the end of the blue tower segment, im gonna make a release of that soon as I know people would want to play and I also want to see what people think.

The Team
Me - Hacker/Translator (I do the bulk of the work, implementing the English text and the like)
Kiiri - Translator (Rough translations that I nearly 100% rewrite)

Here is a video I recorded not long ago of the English translation so check that out if your interested.

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