Sunday, 30 March 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors English Translation - The Red Castle Release

The next release of the English Translation, currently mostly everything up till the end of the game has been done. Im going to hold out on the ending credits as currently I can't fit in the English text due to the limit of spaces, when everything else is done I will look into text pointers and do what I can. I am currently playing through the game myself to correct errors, spelling mistakes and translating the little Japanese that is left. I am around half way through the game myself, it shouldn't take me long to play the rest as the game so if there are any mistakes or errors I'll be sure to quickly correct them. Anyhow I want to hear what you guys think so play away and come back to me and tell me what you thought of the translation.


Help with Game
Check out this walkthrough for help with the puzzles as you'll need it, the hints are not very helpful.

The next final release will be when everything has been translated, I don't know when that will be as im also working on another translation which is now my primary project but don't worry as I will finish it. Translating that is much more taxing than The Missing Colors as Game Gear games have far more complex code than a Game Boy game does, progress is going well but I am running into problems from time to time. If your interested in Making of Magic Knight then check out the other post for an update on it's progress.

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