Friday, 7 March 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors English Translation - The Blue Tower Release

A release is here after almost a month of translating, this release features the first segment of the game out of three available in English. The plot of the game is to recapture the three colors that have been stolen, you fight your way through monsters in The Blue, Tower, Green Fortress and the Red Castle. I don't want people to wait until this is totally done as I know some are eager to play so im gonna release the translation in 4 segments. You may encounter some Japanese while playing but please remember that this is in progress and will your feedback it will be improved, for those of you reading thanks for your interest and have fun.

Planned Releases

  1. The Blue Tower
  2. The Green Fortress
  3. The Red Castle
  4. The Complete Translation

This is my first fan translation so it may not be "Professionally" done so possibly expect some mistakes here and there. I also had to take many liberties when translating the game such as rewriting dialogue and alot of stuff like that so the translation isn't perfect but it's understandable and that's what really counts. Please provide feedback to me as I want to hear what you think.


  • First segment of the game available in English
  • Battle System Translated (Mostly)
  • And More

Download (Recommend BGB Emulator to play, that's what I use)

Help with Game
If you get stuck while playing the game then check out this walkthrough, I did and it helped me get through the game at a faster pace.

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