Sunday, 27 April 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2: Making of Magic Knight Translation Progress Update - 27/4/14

There's just so much text in this game, it's driving me crazy. It's kind of killing my goal of translating that Martian Successor Nadesico Dating Simulator game for the Sega Saturn, im trying to get some help on ROMHacking about gathering the hex's so hopefully I should be able to make progress there soon. Anyhow progress for Making of Magic Knight has been going good and I should be able to make a release soon, by then two playthroughs will have been translated. Most of the main events have been translated but don't hold much hope for the adventure mode further than the village as of yet, that's still in progress and due to the variation and multiple playthroughs needed it still will be for time to come.
Here is the flowchart I made for the woods adventure, there's so much old men and monsters in this forest for it to be a hentai. That totally contrasts to the weird shit I stumbled upon involving a certain frog monster lately. I have to go to each one three times to get the dialogue for each character and that's really time consuming. After this it's to the mountains and oh lord will that take long, for The Missing Colors I took 982 images of text to translate but for Making of Magic Knight I have 1018 and im nowhere near done. From that you can just see the scale of this translation compared to the previous one, anyhow comment to share your thoughts as I want to hear what you think.

That Legendary Place, That the End of the Map Reveals

It's only legendary until someone proves it real, I recently stumbled across a site while looking for the Martian Successor Nadesico artbooks. Google proved no viable results so I then had to take on the arduous task of searching through every website that appeared using the search by image function. I spent around 30 minutes through dozen's of websites in multiple languages and came across one of the artbooks on a Thailand hentai website, they had it embedded from another site which I got access to by clicking on the images.

That then lead me to another hentai site that im not going to name for obvious reasons, if you want to know just send me a message or something. It's not something I just want to link here, anyhow they have a shit ton of porn and doujinshi's of all your favourite anime's if your into that but most importantly tons of anime artbooks that can't be found anywhere else. Im gonna take them off there and archive them here, it's always help to have a backup and have it appearing through a simple Google search rather than finding it the way I did. That site is kinda crazy, they have more than 2000 Neon Genesis Evangelion doujinshi's and that's just one category of 10 so who knows how much more porn of Evangelion there is.

Now let's get to something that's really bothering you, what the hell those things at the top of this post are. I don't think you wanna know, somethings are better left unsaid, unless you want me to also tell you about the frog monster impregnation hentai I came across........ yea didn't think so. If you do then first your going to have to get ploughed by those guys at the top of this post, what did you think you'd get access to hentai without getting raped by ugly ass monsters first. If not then get out of here, if you do then just draw a pentagram on your nearest wall and the demons from Legend of the Overfiend will drop by sooner or later to have some fun. Let me know how that goes.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2: Making of Magic Knight Translation Progress Update - 17/4/14

Progress is taking way longer than expected or when compared to The Missing Colors, there are various problems stalling me. One of which is this huge adventure mode that branches out far, each stop has it's own dialogue for the character your talking to and different dialogue depending on if your playing as Hikaru, Umi or Fuu. This part has been crazy to translate and im not even done, this is only one of the multiple adventure locations you can choose from as during points in the game you can move into a new area.
They don't even have names, I had to make these up
The code is way more complex than The Missing Colors, since the game is in color certain text appears in various colors to highlight items. The text highlighted is multiple of hex's long rather than single text or characters, this has caused me problems when trying to find the offset of the colored text on the rom. An example of this is FF0506 and then 2B (2B = The Text/Character) for it in red or just simply 2B uncolored, on times this has left me with fewer or more hex's than needed causing further problems like this.
I did eventually find a few around it but all of this is just a few of the problems I have faced trying to translate the game, there is also the problem of finding the offset of the kanji on the menu's and certain screens as my current hex's can't find them meaning they use separate tiles. Now I have to find those, isn't this just wonderful. I have also had to play through the adventure mode in the village multiple times with each character to take screenies for my translator soaking up the time I use to implement the translation, im going to have to do the same for the entire game for each character as during events you pick one of the three girls to go each with different dialogues. Even with all this I am still making good progress having near translated an entire playthrough, sadly though many playthroughs are needed as this game has multiple endings. Anyhow in the end it will all be worth it, thanks for reading and wish me good luck.
Kawai Desu

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors English Translation Progress Update - 13/4/14

A little progress update, nearly 100% of the game has been translated but there are just a few things here and there I want to fix up. The main task is to fix up all the names in the game so no more Hikar but Hikaru:, I used spaces left over in the dialogues to move up the code and that gave me the extra space needed to insert their names fully and to have a : to show their talking. That's what im working on at the moment for this and doing that for all the names in the game shouldn't take too long. Im also making sure everything is translated as I came across some more dream text and a text when you perform a puzzle wrong, there could be more so im going to play through the game again just to be safe.
Now the other matter at hand. I recently came across a gamebreaker in the Red Castle release, before you entered the castle the game froze in mid conversation. I checked over the code again and saw that I accidentally went over a few hex's, I fixed that over a week ago but im disappointed that nobody noticed it and from this I know nobody bothered to get that far or even try to complete the game. Anyhow since I fixed that you can now finish the game, I'll upload that now as the 99% release so for those interested please enjoy. The translation is near 100% complete but I want to hold off for a moment before I call it finished so until then enjoy and have fun.