Thursday, 17 April 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2: Making of Magic Knight Translation Progress Update - 17/4/14

Progress is taking way longer than expected or when compared to The Missing Colors, there are various problems stalling me. One of which is this huge adventure mode that branches out far, each stop has it's own dialogue for the character your talking to and different dialogue depending on if your playing as Hikaru, Umi or Fuu. This part has been crazy to translate and im not even done, this is only one of the multiple adventure locations you can choose from as during points in the game you can move into a new area.
They don't even have names, I had to make these up
The code is way more complex than The Missing Colors, since the game is in color certain text appears in various colors to highlight items. The text highlighted is multiple of hex's long rather than single text or characters, this has caused me problems when trying to find the offset of the colored text on the rom. An example of this is FF0506 and then 2B (2B = The Text/Character) for it in red or just simply 2B uncolored, on times this has left me with fewer or more hex's than needed causing further problems like this.
I did eventually find a few around it but all of this is just a few of the problems I have faced trying to translate the game, there is also the problem of finding the offset of the kanji on the menu's and certain screens as my current hex's can't find them meaning they use separate tiles. Now I have to find those, isn't this just wonderful. I have also had to play through the adventure mode in the village multiple times with each character to take screenies for my translator soaking up the time I use to implement the translation, im going to have to do the same for the entire game for each character as during events you pick one of the three girls to go each with different dialogues. Even with all this I am still making good progress having near translated an entire playthrough, sadly though many playthroughs are needed as this game has multiple endings. Anyhow in the end it will all be worth it, thanks for reading and wish me good luck.
Kawai Desu

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