Sunday, 13 April 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors English Translation Progress Update - 13/4/14

A little progress update, nearly 100% of the game has been translated but there are just a few things here and there I want to fix up. The main task is to fix up all the names in the game so no more Hikar but Hikaru:, I used spaces left over in the dialogues to move up the code and that gave me the extra space needed to insert their names fully and to have a : to show their talking. That's what im working on at the moment for this and doing that for all the names in the game shouldn't take too long. Im also making sure everything is translated as I came across some more dream text and a text when you perform a puzzle wrong, there could be more so im going to play through the game again just to be safe.
Now the other matter at hand. I recently came across a gamebreaker in the Red Castle release, before you entered the castle the game froze in mid conversation. I checked over the code again and saw that I accidentally went over a few hex's, I fixed that over a week ago but im disappointed that nobody noticed it and from this I know nobody bothered to get that far or even try to complete the game. Anyhow since I fixed that you can now finish the game, I'll upload that now as the 99% release so for those interested please enjoy. The translation is near 100% complete but I want to hold off for a moment before I call it finished so until then enjoy and have fun.



  1. Thank you very much for this great translation, now that was playing.

  2. Thank so much for this!!!

  3. Your welcome, I shouldn't be long until I have fixed up the translation fully. Im glad to see people are interested in these games, that always gives me a smile.