Friday, 30 May 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 30/5/14

Making my way through the story recently, taking down the first three Angel's and a bunch of other stuff. I enjoyed the scene where Rei goes on a school trip and you have to make her lunch, you have three options.  A Tomato omelet, fried chicken with onion rings (Seriously) or salted salmon with french fries,  I had a good laugh at the fried chicken option. That's clearly in there for a joke, you can't really picture Rei chowing down on KFC. The right answer is the tomato omelet because Rei doesn't eat meat or fish.


  • 3rd - 5th Angel's
  • More shop items
  • Park Events
  • Some minor events
  • Misc stuff
I encountered Toji "The Bastard" in the park heading to the hospital to visit his sister, him and alot more people. You  can meet Maya and she asks you about a rumor that Lieutenant and Rei are you know..... doing the nasty. Misato also makes suggestive remarks about Lieutenant and Rei, there's alot of that going around in this game. Events from the show do happen such as Rei getting her new Nerv ID card, there are three people who can give her it. Shinji, Gendo or Lieutenant, Gendo delivered it when I played. I wonder if you can snap Shinji's fingers if he does before he does you know what, now that would be awesome.
God I hate this guy
Anyhow all this has been translated so progress is being made, slowly but surely I will get there. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys give me your support. 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DC) English Translation Announcement

It can be done, I successfully edited text in a Dreamcast game. I didn't realize that you could translate Dreamcast games the same way as you do on the DS, this leaves alot of games open for translation. I translated some of the opening text as a test for this video and to see how the text would fold out, it appears smoothly compared to the choppy DS English text.
Kawai desu.
The only bad thing is that the text doesn't auto shoot onto a new line so I'll manually have to enter spaces. That is kinda bad as I will probably have to redo the pointers for that one, one task at a time. Anyway I plan to translate the Dreamcast version of the Ayanami Raising Project after the DS. It will be much faster that way so you Dreamcast fans will have something new to play in the future. I hope some people will be interested in a Dreamcast translation so thanks for reading and wish me good luck.

Romhacking Page

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 18/5/14

I have been working hard on this translation for the past week, getting through a ton of text is really taking it's toll. Below is a short list of what I have been working through recently, I wanted to get through the training options before heading into the story so I haven't played more than 2 weeks ingame. I played through each training option once and translated most of those, around 12 out of  the initial 15 training options are done.
  • Introduction Scene
  • Training Options
  • Entering and exiting text's for shops
  • All of the items in the first clothing shop
This may not sound like much but all of this was slightly over 500 images of text, next I'll play the game some more progressing into the story and translate the items available to buy in the shops. I also recorded two video's so check them out, thanks for reading and I hope you support me.

Beach Time
Thrill World

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Announcement

Im really excited for this, it's good to finally get a translation as it has been left alone for quite a while. You'd think fans of Evangelion would have done it already and I just watched the show recently, anyhow it's fairly simple to implement a translation into a visual novel type game for a DS. You simply type in the text using Crystal Tile 2 and like magic it's implemented.
A response on Youtube, just some asshole.
The only bad thing I would say is that the English text flows on screen in blocks, I hope that won't bother you guys. Im just happy that I can get it into English so I don't mind it, I will be in for a long haul on this one but don't worry as I'll get it don.e Below is a short video of what I did so far just as a demonstration, I hope you enjoy it and look forward to my translation of Ayanami Raising Project for the DS.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2: Making of Magic Knight Translation Progress Update - 06/5/14

Sadly not much going on at the moment, my translator has been kinda busy for the past week and I haven't been able to get any work done. What I have been doing is collecting more pics of Japanese to be translated which is just going to pile up but hope may be ahead, a guy on ROMHacking said he's looking for translating experience and he said he would help me out. Hopefully he will come through and then I will be able to continue working on this, that and eventually Aretha which is another game I am interested in.

Anyway about that in progress release I mentioned before, Im going to hold that off for a while. Mainly because that was before my translator was busy and you know the story there. If you want to try what's done of the game so far then just send me a message or something like that, I'd be more than happy to.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Keiji Gotoh Illustrations

This should interest you if you liked Martian Successor Nadesico, it contains illustrations done by Keiji Gotoh for the TV series and the movie Prince of Darkness. There is also artwork for some other stuff he worked on if your interested but I don't really care much for any of that. My favourite picture from this is the Ryoko Basketball image, don't really know why I just think it looks cool. Anyway the images are in high resolution around 2400x3400 so check them out.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Heroic Age Illustrations

I really like these, I wonder where they guy who scanned these got them from as none of them appeared elsewhere when I searched by image. They are the character design sheets Xebec used to draw the characters on, they even have the dates on them so this should defiantly be worth a look if you saw Heroic Age. My favorite image is below where we can see all the characters and the height difference between them, especially Queen Cleavage.

In total there are 49 pages so check them out, butts butts butts.

Heroic Age Official File Magazines Volumes 1-4

Searched forever on the internet for these before and guess what, they were on the hentai site. Who would have guessed, fans of Heroic Age no but hentai fans yes. There wasn't even any Heroic Age hentai, I mean what gives internet. Sadly though only 4 out of the 5 of the File Magazines/Guidebooks were on there and yes I have searched for the 5th so save yourself some time and don't bother, if anyone scans or finds them then let me know.
Now what we also have is Illustrations of Heroic Age which should peek your interest, I'll put that in another post. All of what I found were to say badly scanned, page borders are slightly cut off and darkness is visible at sides of the pages, that's not to say im not grateful for whoever scanned these but I think everyone prefers them you know........ not badly scanned. I also have to mention the fact that some of the pages are missing in a few of them, they probably were interviews as sometimes when people scan they don't bother even though we want it all and not just the pretty pictures. Idiots I say, also the first 2 magazines are around 2500x3500 but 3-4 are half the resolution at 1200x1752. I don't understand why but it had to be mentioned, anyhow that's it for now, check back some other time and I might have something else in store for you.


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Aretha Translation Announcement (Game Boy)

A guy on The ISO Zone mentioned this game series when I asked about what game people want translated a while back, I looked at the games and they seem pretty nice. I plan to translate the 3 Game Boy games eventually, they have an anime art style which intrigues me and the sprites eyes and mouths move like a good visual novel game. My translator Kiiri has been busy for the past week so sadly I haven't been able to get much work done, to fill my spare time I have been researching and discussing how to Hack and Translate Sega Saturn and PC games. Im unsure if I'll even make any progress in that area but I hope I do, meanwhile I have collected all the hex's and made a table for first Aretha game on the Game Boy. That will allow me to find the Japanese Characters in the game and replace them when I get around to working on it, hopefully my translator will be available to translate for me as I can't do anything without him. This Saturn business is driving me insane, I doubt I'll get anywhere.