Saturday, 3 May 2014

Aretha Translation Announcement (Game Boy)

A guy on The ISO Zone mentioned this game series when I asked about what game people want translated a while back, I looked at the games and they seem pretty nice. I plan to translate the 3 Game Boy games eventually, they have an anime art style which intrigues me and the sprites eyes and mouths move like a good visual novel game. My translator Kiiri has been busy for the past week so sadly I haven't been able to get much work done, to fill my spare time I have been researching and discussing how to Hack and Translate Sega Saturn and PC games. Im unsure if I'll even make any progress in that area but I hope I do, meanwhile I have collected all the hex's and made a table for first Aretha game on the Game Boy. That will allow me to find the Japanese Characters in the game and replace them when I get around to working on it, hopefully my translator will be available to translate for me as I can't do anything without him. This Saturn business is driving me insane, I doubt I'll get anywhere.

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