Sunday, 4 May 2014

Heroic Age Official File Magazines Volumes 1-4

Searched forever on the internet for these before and guess what, they were on the hentai site. Who would have guessed, fans of Heroic Age no but hentai fans yes. There wasn't even any Heroic Age hentai, I mean what gives internet. Sadly though only 4 out of the 5 of the File Magazines/Guidebooks were on there and yes I have searched for the 5th so save yourself some time and don't bother, if anyone scans or finds them then let me know.
Now what we also have is Illustrations of Heroic Age which should peek your interest, I'll put that in another post. All of what I found were to say badly scanned, page borders are slightly cut off and darkness is visible at sides of the pages, that's not to say im not grateful for whoever scanned these but I think everyone prefers them you know........ not badly scanned. I also have to mention the fact that some of the pages are missing in a few of them, they probably were interviews as sometimes when people scan they don't bother even though we want it all and not just the pretty pictures. Idiots I say, also the first 2 magazines are around 2500x3500 but 3-4 are half the resolution at 1200x1752. I don't understand why but it had to be mentioned, anyhow that's it for now, check back some other time and I might have something else in store for you.


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