Saturday, 10 May 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Announcement

Im really excited for this, it's good to finally get a translation as it has been left alone for quite a while. You'd think fans of Evangelion would have done it already and I just watched the show recently, anyhow it's fairly simple to implement a translation into a visual novel type game for a DS. You simply type in the text using Crystal Tile 2 and like magic it's implemented.
A response on Youtube, just some asshole.
The only bad thing I would say is that the English text flows on screen in blocks, I hope that won't bother you guys. Im just happy that I can get it into English so I don't mind it, I will be in for a long haul on this one but don't worry as I'll get it don.e Below is a short video of what I did so far just as a demonstration, I hope you enjoy it and look forward to my translation of Ayanami Raising Project for the DS.

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