Friday, 30 May 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 30/5/14

Making my way through the story recently, taking down the first three Angel's and a bunch of other stuff. I enjoyed the scene where Rei goes on a school trip and you have to make her lunch, you have three options.  A Tomato omelet, fried chicken with onion rings (Seriously) or salted salmon with french fries,  I had a good laugh at the fried chicken option. That's clearly in there for a joke, you can't really picture Rei chowing down on KFC. The right answer is the tomato omelet because Rei doesn't eat meat or fish.


  • 3rd - 5th Angel's
  • More shop items
  • Park Events
  • Some minor events
  • Misc stuff
I encountered Toji "The Bastard" in the park heading to the hospital to visit his sister, him and alot more people. You  can meet Maya and she asks you about a rumor that Lieutenant and Rei are you know..... doing the nasty. Misato also makes suggestive remarks about Lieutenant and Rei, there's alot of that going around in this game. Events from the show do happen such as Rei getting her new Nerv ID card, there are three people who can give her it. Shinji, Gendo or Lieutenant, Gendo delivered it when I played. I wonder if you can snap Shinji's fingers if he does before he does you know what, now that would be awesome.
God I hate this guy
Anyhow all this has been translated so progress is being made, slowly but surely I will get there. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys give me your support. 


  1. Thank you for this. I've been wanting o play this game forever but have been unable to due to the language barrier. I hope that you have continued success and I will be here waiting for the next updates :)

    1. Glad to see someone interested, the language barrier is a problem for mostly everyone and nobody should expect you to learn Japanese just to play it. I also plan to translate other Evangelion games in the future if your interested, anyhow thanks for your comment.