Friday, 27 June 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 27/6/14

Time for another progress update, ive got good news and bad news. Not bad as in a sense for the translation but what this game offers, I'll get to that soon. The good news is that I have completed and translated an entire playthrough of the game, that's really a significant of work done. I finished my 3 days ago on the 24th and since then pushed hard many man hours to implement the translation. On that I spent over 4 hours daily until this post today, I wanted to drive hard. Good news in short, I completed the game and implemented a translation of a single playthrough.

  • Completed and translated 1 playthrough
  • 12th - 17th Angels
  • A ton of park events
  • Misc
Now for the bad, the thing I hoped for most in this game. It never had it, Rei "has" to die. I checked the text for the mission and noticed no variation, I mean what the hell. The thing people would want to change most, wasn't even implemented. I don't even know what to say, I was really pissed when I found this out. That was my main hope for the game and the developers screwed me over, how could you. I feel betrayed, am I the only one angry over this. I hope not, was it just too much to ask. To prevent Rei from dying, anyone who even cares for the character would automatically ask if there is a way to prevent it. It's the same with the dummy plug scene, Ritsuko destroys them and you can't stop her. What gives, there is no variation whatsoever. I would have liked an option to keep them alive, because to me their still alive and I wouldn't want to kill them. I want to send a very angry letter to the developers, they probably wouldn't read it anyway. Talking about a decade old game they made and it being in English and all, stupid Japanese. Do something right for once.
Aww, isn't she cute.
Now for the meat of the games ending, the memory recovery........and man do I have a love hate relationship with this one. My main problem is that it's what we get to bring back the memories into Rei 3 rather than saving Rei 2 from death, that and even if we get Rei 3 to remember what Rei 2 did it doesn't make her Rei. It's the same as The Future Diary, you can't just overwrite someones memories and act like they're the same person. Those are really my only negative point. On the other hand I like it because it has movie esque dialogue and a great romantic feel to it. Take a look at these lines, I love it.

Rei jumped into my chest, her tears soaking into me. He eyes are happy.
Lieutenant: Rei, you remember?
Rei: I, remember…
Rei: The time when I first meet you……the times you taught me…
Rei: When you praised me…scolded me…the things you gave me…
Lieutenant: Yea, I know.
Rei: So…I could meet you again.
Lieutenant: Welcome back…

Alright that might not be the best, im a sucker for romance stories, what can I say. Umm, mysterious play anybody. Another big dipper was the prologue before the ending, again no variation except before Rei dies she can see either Gendo's, Shinji's or Lieutenants face. I got the latter, just look at that baby faced bastard.
I got one of the sports endings, I was just play testing the game so I wasn't really aiming for any particular ending. I trained Rei in fitness and physical strength because I wanted her to win the school swimming championship, sadly she came in 3rd place. You need very high stats to win, we all know what ending im gonna achieve next. "To be in love, is the greatest feeling that a girl could feel, to be in love. That special man, a brand new world." That was from memory, I don't even think that was correct but let's play guess to reference.
Yes Rei did eventually fall in love with Lieutenant, I tried to aim for that near the end as I was just sort of testing the game out and not really playing it. Hence forth why I didn't get the kiss on the big wheel or many other events, again I'll aim for that the 2nd time round. Forgot, the prologue to the ending and guess what.....everyone dies. The JSSDF attacks Nerv killing everyone, Lieutenant fights back, takes a bullet and bleeds out thinking about Rei. It then just ends and the games credits roll, you got your ending afterwards in an alternate world of some sorts where you meet once again. Aww, isn't that sweet. I really hope the wedding ending isn't like that, I want it to take place after the ending and not an alternate world. Im watching you game, don't disappoint me further.

Anyhow, here's a short summary for this sports ending. Lieutenant is feeling out of shape so he starts attending a sports and fitness club, there he meets Rei, the Instructor. He tells her that her smile keeps him going and she say's she's flattered and that she does this to make everyone happy. She thanks him for saying that and they return to their fitness routines, it then notes that Rei had a smile on her face for the rest of the day. That's really it, no don't I know you from somewhere or want to go out sometime. I guess they didn't want to factor in the players relationship for the ending and just opted in for no variations at all, again disappointing but I got a chuckle out of Rei's one-two's.
One-two, one-two.
How could I forget, Asuka........sadly for Asuka fans I didn't manage to unlock her playthrough. I thought you would just by completing Rei's but it seems you have to fullfill certain requirements. I'll so that 2nd time round as well, wouldn't want to upset fans of Asuka "The Tart" now would I. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any questions about the translation or the game just leave a comment and I'll happily answer. Below you'll find some video's for your entertainment and those I've referenced.

Dreamcast Opening (My personal favorite)
Dreamcast Broccoli Logo (Broccoli Nyo)
Dreamcast Ending
NDS Opening
NDS Credits
NDS Sports Ending (Japanese)

Monday, 23 June 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2: Making of Magic Knight English Translation Release - 23/6/14

Sorry for the long space between the last update on this thing, if anyone cares that is. I'll get down to the details, my translator stopped due to him being busy months ago and I can't translate the bitty text from the game, it's really hard to read and make out. I then just dropped the translation momentarily and moved onto something "greater", Ayanami Raising Project. Beforehand I recently watched Evangelion and got hooked, that then drained all my enthusiasm for Magic Knight Rayearth right down to the point that I really don't care anymore. I honestly don't, the games translation is really hard to judge but a lot of work was done so I'm just gonna guess it is 50 percent complete. Now I can't be for sure as it's just an estimate, since I have stopped working on it for months I'm gonna go ahead and release what has been done. In the future hopefully I'll finish it but not at the moment, I kinda forgot about this it. Was just sitting on it but I've finally got off my butt to release it, it's in progress so expect to see Japanese here and there.

I couldn't find out how to replace the text for the stats so I just write up a document detailing what each of them mean, that should help you figure it out. Overall I translated multiple playthroughs but this game requires many more before completion, if anyone wants to continue where I left off then you can have the Japanese character and English text hex's. I don't think anyone will as there was a significant lack of interest in the translation but it's worth a try. It also was harder and more time consuming to implement a translation into this when compared to Ayanami Raising Project on the DS, that was also one of the reasons why I don't want to continue. It hurt my head and by the end of the day I got jacks hit done where progress is being made daily with DS translating, I also didn't even have to collect the hex's as crystaltile2 displays the games text in the program which really helps. Anyway enough about the DS, below you'll find the rom patched with the English translation and the stats document. The patch on its own will be at romhacking, thanks for reading and try to provide feedback if you do try out the translation.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

ROMHacking: The Process of Translating Japanese Video Games (GB, GG)

There are many ways to go about translating a video game as there are many options to start off from but here I will show you my way. I was researching how to translate a Japanese video game into English on romhacking months ago and after weeks of pain I finally managed to implement changes with help from Scio. I don't think I could have managed to learn without his help, many thanks Scio. Even if you aren't going to translate a game from Japanese this will still show you the ropes so please read to the end and tell me what you think.

Stages of Translating a Japanese Video Game
  1. Get a translator
  2. Gathering a Games Japanese Character and English Text Hex's
  3. Implementation
  4. Organization
Tools Needed
Emulator for game
Hex Workshop (My preferred hex editor, nice easy to use gui)
WindHex (Used initially to find English text using relative search, also hex editor)

1. Translator
Many stages are involved in translating a game and firstly your gonna need someone who understand and can read Japanese, for me that was a guy I met on moddb from making a mod based on the second sino Japanese war. I messaged him and said that could he possibly help me out with translating a game, he was actually very enthusiastic about it which was really good because if someone is bored with it they are going to eventually stop working on it or....... ask for MONEY! You don't want either of them to happen so try to keep your translator happy because google translate can't do poop when it comes to Japanese. You can use it for short phrases or single words but that's really it. I don't blame you if you try as it at least shows your making an effort although many would say otherwise but im more open minded.

Machine Translators
Google Translate: Can be useful but most of the time a broken mess.
Infoseek: A decent Japanese made translator that you can reword into readable sentences, your best bet if you can't read it.

2. Gathering the Japanese Character and English Text Hex's
This process isn't actually very hard to do but just time consuming, it may depend from game to game but the technique I use generally should work. If you want to implement the translations into the game your first going to have to find where the text you want to change is in the game, for that you have to gather all of at least a large portion of the games text hex's. The first stop you need to make is to find a part of the game where English text is displayed such as the main title screen where they have some English for example CLAMP in the Rayearth games.

Take a screenshot and download WindHex, this program will allow you to find the English text using relative search so open that part of the program up and type in the English text on the main screen into it. It will then give you a offset, put that in the Hex Workshop bar at the top and you will then see a few digits right at it's location. Clamp on the title screen for me was B9C1B7C3C6, then in your table or word document fill in these hex's with the letters.

There are two ways you can organize your hex's, you can create a table using a hex editor or like me you can just have it in a word document. Here's a short extract of the hex's I collected for Magic Knight Rayearth Making of Magic Knight:

10 =
11 =
12 =
96 = A
97 = B
98 = C

The English text at the title screen is then your testing ground for finding the rest of the hex's so change the for example B9 to B8 and vice versa for the rest and just go up and down with the hex's, save what you did and then load up the game to see your changes. You then fill in the hex's with what is there now and do that until you have a sizeable portion of the hex's full, if you can't make out then Japanese characters then get your translator to recognize them and then you can continue. It can be hard to make out the Japanese Characters when the game is old and retro such as a Game boy game due to the text being in bit format but don't worry as that's what the translator is for.

3. Implementation
It's easy to find the text when you know what your doing, check the video below for a visual way on how to do it. Just gather the hex's for the characters and then search for the hex's and you'll find the text your looking for or at least most of the time you will. Then replace those hex's with the English hex's you found in the game and like magic you have made the text appear in English. Now sometimes you will have limited spaces but I just made due with what I could and did my best since....I didn't learn how to use pointers and still haven't. For a rough translation it's not necessary as you can always go over it when your done.

4. Organization
I'll fill this in sooner or later.

An old tutorial I had 75% finished over 2 months ago that I touched up recently, I'll do the rest sooner or later. Im not the best at writing tutorials but I hope you'll learn something from this.

Aretha English Translation Update (Game Boy)

Sadly no progress has been made, my translator was busy for over an entire month and I moved onto a project I could work on by myself. I still have this planned to translate in the future but that's on hold for the moment, if anyone is interested in helping or or translating this game then you can have the English and Japanese hex's that I collected. With those you can find the text in the game and replace it, here is also some folders with pics that I took to translate since that's how I set my work up in a document.

Sorry for any inconveniences, anyhow the games summary of the back story from the manual translated by cebix on Romhacking.

A long time ago, there was a peaceful kingdom named Aretha on Arterra.
Two daughters were born to king Riverton of the Aretha kingdom.
Riverton, wishing for the welfare of his daughters, gave them the two rings Gold Cat's Eye and Silver Cat's Eye.
But then the evil king Howard began to assault the happily celebrating Aretha kingdom.
The Gold Dragon who served Howard suddenly appeared during a banquet, coming to steal one of the daughters.
The desperately resisting Riverton and the Aretha army were forced into a bitter battle, and about to be defeated.
Riverton used his last strength to seal the Aretha temple and allow his one remaining daughter to escape.
Now, more than ten years have passed by.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 15/6/14

Time for another update, I have been neck deep in dialogues, events and the story. Alot of work has been done and many man hours put into it, my brain feels like mush. Progress is going well and im glad some people have taken an interest into the translation, thanks for your support guys.

  • 6th - 11th Angels
  • Summer and Winter Doujinshi festivals
  • More training option dialogues
  • More park, beach and school events
  • Bunch of side events
  • Other stuff I can't remember

It's funny because lieutenant is in the games story, I thought he would just be in the background but instead he actually does something. I'll give an example, after the 8th Angel is beat and as we all know everyone hit's the hot spa. Lieutenant joins also in a funny scene, Pen Pen starts chipping away at the wood separating the genders and Lieutenant pulls his off revealing a peeping hole. Then he and Shinji start to look through when Pen Pen let's out a loud squawk alerting Misato, she calls them out and the barrier collapses. It's funny when you play it though, wouldn't want to bore you with the script and below is your reward.
Come on, we all know that's is what your here for.
The main questions that I know your dying to ask......just what does Rei's room look like. Well look no further, I revamped it and that costed over a months wage in the game. Only 20,000 yen, the cheap bastards. Asuka get's 40,000 yen per months, what hypocrisy.
Cute as a button, from the New years Shinto shrine visit.
And before you ask no I didn't dress Rei up in the bustier, not yet that is. Anyhow thanks for reading and I hope you check out the next future update.