Thursday, 19 June 2014

Aretha English Translation Update (Game Boy)

Sadly no progress has been made, my translator was busy for over an entire month and I moved onto a project I could work on by myself. I still have this planned to translate in the future but that's on hold for the moment, if anyone is interested in helping or or translating this game then you can have the English and Japanese hex's that I collected. With those you can find the text in the game and replace it, here is also some folders with pics that I took to translate since that's how I set my work up in a document.

Sorry for any inconveniences, anyhow the games summary of the back story from the manual translated by cebix on Romhacking.

A long time ago, there was a peaceful kingdom named Aretha on Arterra.
Two daughters were born to king Riverton of the Aretha kingdom.
Riverton, wishing for the welfare of his daughters, gave them the two rings Gold Cat's Eye and Silver Cat's Eye.
But then the evil king Howard began to assault the happily celebrating Aretha kingdom.
The Gold Dragon who served Howard suddenly appeared during a banquet, coming to steal one of the daughters.
The desperately resisting Riverton and the Aretha army were forced into a bitter battle, and about to be defeated.
Riverton used his last strength to seal the Aretha temple and allow his one remaining daughter to escape.
Now, more than ten years have passed by.

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