Monday, 23 June 2014

Magic Knight Rayearth 2: Making of Magic Knight English Translation Release - 23/6/14

Sorry for the long space between the last update on this thing, if anyone cares that is. I'll get down to the details, my translator stopped due to him being busy months ago and I can't translate the bitty text from the game, it's really hard to read and make out. I then just dropped the translation momentarily and moved onto something "greater", Ayanami Raising Project. Beforehand I recently watched Evangelion and got hooked, that then drained all my enthusiasm for Magic Knight Rayearth right down to the point that I really don't care anymore. I honestly don't, the games translation is really hard to judge but a lot of work was done so I'm just gonna guess it is 50 percent complete. Now I can't be for sure as it's just an estimate, since I have stopped working on it for months I'm gonna go ahead and release what has been done. In the future hopefully I'll finish it but not at the moment, I kinda forgot about this it. Was just sitting on it but I've finally got off my butt to release it, it's in progress so expect to see Japanese here and there.

I couldn't find out how to replace the text for the stats so I just write up a document detailing what each of them mean, that should help you figure it out. Overall I translated multiple playthroughs but this game requires many more before completion, if anyone wants to continue where I left off then you can have the Japanese character and English text hex's. I don't think anyone will as there was a significant lack of interest in the translation but it's worth a try. It also was harder and more time consuming to implement a translation into this when compared to Ayanami Raising Project on the DS, that was also one of the reasons why I don't want to continue. It hurt my head and by the end of the day I got jacks hit done where progress is being made daily with DS translating, I also didn't even have to collect the hex's as crystaltile2 displays the games text in the program which really helps. Anyway enough about the DS, below you'll find the rom patched with the English translation and the stats document. The patch on its own will be at romhacking, thanks for reading and try to provide feedback if you do try out the translation.


  1. Hi,

    While on the topic of Magic Knight Rayearth (I'm quite a big fan) I'd like to thank you for releasing what you've done so far and also wanted to know if you've released the update to The Missing Colors Translation 99% translation as in your previous reply in May you said you had a version which has full names for all the dialogues and a : at the end before a character talks.

    I checked the download section but this is still has the March version.

    We you be uploading the updated one soon?

    Many Thanks

    1. Oh yea derp, forgot all about that. I think I did all of the names as I remember doing it but I feel sort of unsure. I left the credits in Japanese as I still haven't learned to extend the text, im kinda lazy that way. There was another thing or two but overall it's very small minor stuff, I'll upload the more recent version later on today. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reminding me, glad to see someones interested in the games.