Sunday, 15 June 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 15/6/14

Time for another update, I have been neck deep in dialogues, events and the story. Alot of work has been done and many man hours put into it, my brain feels like mush. Progress is going well and im glad some people have taken an interest into the translation, thanks for your support guys.

  • 6th - 11th Angels
  • Summer and Winter Doujinshi festivals
  • More training option dialogues
  • More park, beach and school events
  • Bunch of side events
  • Other stuff I can't remember

It's funny because lieutenant is in the games story, I thought he would just be in the background but instead he actually does something. I'll give an example, after the 8th Angel is beat and as we all know everyone hit's the hot spa. Lieutenant joins also in a funny scene, Pen Pen starts chipping away at the wood separating the genders and Lieutenant pulls his off revealing a peeping hole. Then he and Shinji start to look through when Pen Pen let's out a loud squawk alerting Misato, she calls them out and the barrier collapses. It's funny when you play it though, wouldn't want to bore you with the script and below is your reward.
Come on, we all know that's is what your here for.
The main questions that I know your dying to ask......just what does Rei's room look like. Well look no further, I revamped it and that costed over a months wage in the game. Only 20,000 yen, the cheap bastards. Asuka get's 40,000 yen per months, what hypocrisy.
Cute as a button, from the New years Shinto shrine visit.
And before you ask no I didn't dress Rei up in the bustier, not yet that is. Anyhow thanks for reading and I hope you check out the next future update.


  1. Nice to see progress is being made :). Hope you had a nice father's day and looking forward to your next update :D.

    1. I don't really celebrate events like that, I kinda ignore stuff like that all year round. Anyway, thanks for your interest. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask, if your interested in specific characters I can tell you when they appear in the game and what they do.

  2. i cant wait to play this on my ds flash card and nice work man