Thursday, 17 July 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 17/7/14

What you doing there? Ah, jerking off I see. Exactly like 90% of Evangelion fans, your either doing that, conjecturing theory's out of your ass or chugging more of Anno's magical elixir. "Hmm Anno's cum tastes so good", that's all I hear from Evangelion fans. You could take it up a notch and neknominate, its more fun that way.

Anyway I have been a busy bunny as usual, working on more sectors of the game this time round and again I have discovered more disappointing stuff. Why does Gainax and Anno continue to disappoint me, fix your game ya bunch of ass monkeys and which one of you said Diaoyu Islands.


  • Talk, stare, touch Rei's shoulder event dialogues
  • Combat dialogues
  • Christmas
  • Summer Festival
  • Rei's new Nerv ID card
  • Rei catches wedding bouquet
  • Rei get jealous
  • Rei almost drowns at beach
  • Rei doesn't want to attend secret training
  • Rei is found in the rain
  • Dummy system activates against Eva 3
  • Shinji pulled inside Eva 1
  • Talk to Rei/Thoughts and Feelings
  • Rei in Hospital/Gets injured
  • Rei helps Lieutenant, stiff shoulder, tired, jacket button
  • Rei meets a stranger/Scouted by Idol Office
  • After Summer Festival
  • Next Sunday dialogues
  • Some misc stuff

Your probably tilting your head by now, with the progress list and Anno's magical life giving elixir. It's just what I have down as certain events and chunks of dialogues, most are easy but I don't know what else to call Next Sunday dialogues as that's what it's about. I don't know when she say's these lines in the game as I have just been moving through the text I see when moving down the games code. Rei talks about the coming Sunday and it cycles through her emotions and feelings, then shoots out the dialogue screen.

Rei: I wish next Sunday would come soon…
Rei: …Next Sunday…not yet…
Rei: Next Sunday should come soon…
Rei: Next Sunday, how much longer?
Rei: I wish everyday was Sunday…then I'd always be with him.

That was just a small portion of the total dialogues for this one event and there are many like it, just take the Talk, stare, touch Rei's shoulder event dialogues. Rei is either by the window or sitting on the grass by herself, you then have those three options and again it cycles through the bazillion dialogues based on her emotions, stats and feelings. I like how Rei talks about next Sunday, it could have been first Sunday.....and yes I did just make that reference.
Went all the way to Wikipedia for that one, god this movie sucks
I liked the summer festival, Christmas, hospital (He feeds her peaches) and the event where Rei catches a wedding bouquet, those were nice. "Kiss me, kiss me, say that you love me." Another musical number because why not, hey look GTA 5. I didn't like how they handed the Nerv ID card scene, it was just too similar to Shinji "The Toothpick's" encounter except less rapey. It didn't mention if he groped her so I won't refer to this as a "grope scene", enter Evageeks joke here. That's just how Shinji rolls, either that or he'll do you know what when your comatose.
Maybe that'll get you to post ya herpes ridden horndogs
It's funny because your never getting to play the translation
Those combat dialogues were also a drag, the game has the exact same text in multiple places even though they could simply reference it in code instead of entering the same fucking shit again. Don't ask how many times I had to re-enter "The Angel expanded it's AT field", idiots programmed their game like ass. There have been a ton of times I have had to do this, it get's really annoying real quick.

I also enjoyed the Rei is found in the rain and Rei almost drowns at beach events because "I need a hero", more musical numbers ya fucking Shrek. Rei almost drowns but 2nd lieutenant saves her, you then have the option to perform mouth to mouth, call for a lifeguard or my favorite one, panic. That is the worst option, only an idiot would choose that one. Yea, im looking at you.
Noes Rei
I also worked over the variation dialogues in the Angel missions, you have to fulfill certain conditions to activate them. Dummy system activate against Eva 3 and Shinji gets sucked inside Eva 1, both are optional and you can avoid those events. First time round I did and im glad, Rei mention quantum mechanics and ahhhhhhhh!!! I don't really like that theory/shit in Evangelion, my head hurts now. By the way, she also indirectly mentions she know's she's a clone/comes from the dummy plug plant. Something that was meant to be ambiguous but whatever, I hate that theory.

Something happy again, Rei helps Lieutenant with his stiff shoulder, when he appears tired and when his jacket's button is falling off. Those 3 events put a smile on my face. It's been kinda annoying going through very similar dialogues, replace next Sunday with recently. There's a similar event that basically has nearly the exact same dialogues except at the start she say's recently, what a load.
This is the tired event, oh yea mysterious play style.
Now that's how I'd like to get my strength back, Nakago knows best.
Im getting really annoyed at you guys, you aren't even asking questions about the game you are supossibly interested in. Nobody in the comments even mentions what the hell I post about, again as if you don't read it because I know you don't. You guys can all fuck yourself anyway, one would wonder why I am saying this. I know you probably think im bitching alot but to those who say that, come a little closer.......a little more......fuck you.

Here's some video's with pretty colors for you guys
Title Screen (PC)
Title Screen (NDS)
Neon Genesis Evangelion 2: Evangelions Opening


  1. I really hope you repeatedly entered the translation "The Angel expanded it's AT field" correctly, or else it's going to be more fun correct "it's" (contraction; incorrect) to "its" (possessive; correct).

    As for why people don't comment? I think it's because you have to log in to do so. I really don't enjoy having to log in to my Google account just to post a comment on a blog. Just my opinion!

    1. No, im pretty sure I entered whatever I felt like. Of course, all I had to do was copy paste the same dialogue a bazillion times. I do wish people would at least mention what is in the progress updates, no love for First Sunday or musical references.

  2. Where did you get those CG's? I wouldn't think the DS has that kind of resolution, are they from the PC game?
    Also, what emulator do you use for the DS?

    1. Yea they're from the pc version, ripped them using the tools the Russians gave me and I use DeSmuME to emulate DS games.

  3. I love it, you got so frustrated XD. Intro and ending of this post are hilarious. As I said in my other post though, I didn't think you'd want to spend time talking about a game that you had just spent a few hours working on :P. So how does the stat level up system work? In princess make 2 you would make a schedule for the month with each job. class etc. taking up a week and as the days went by your daughter's stats would go up and down accordingly.

  4. Yea I tend to do that from time to time but im actually the opposite on games. I love talking about them, especially when few have played them. It offers a more closer knit conversation, I also spent more than just a few hours on this. Try 2-4+ daily for the past few months.

    Anyhow the stats, you do a certain schedule and then a few increase. They can factor into experiencing certain events such as perception allows Rei to notice you talking to other women, which annoys her. At least I think it's like that as I don't have any proof only experience playing the game, im getting a guy I know to translate the strategy guide/artbook as that should help clear things up. He's just been busy and hasn't had time to work on it to be annoyance.

    1. Rei getting jealous sound hilariously cute XD. But from how you explain it it seems that the stats work just like any other raising game, which is good, no need to learn new mechanics. Also how closely does the game stay to how the characters were in the show? In your last post you mentioned that Kaji wanted to take Rei off your hands for a few hours...if he was just joking then that makes some sense but his original character seemed to want nothing to do with little girls, i.e. his relationship with Asuka.

    2. I haven't played any other raising/training simulator other than this and that Magic Knight Rayearth one I half translated with a buddy but I do have an idea on what each stat affects during the course of the game.

      About everyone in character, that's a really good important question that I even asked myself before touching the game. The answer is yes, they are in character which is always fun and entertaining. For Kaji, he is just teasing you in various encounters which are stat based so most of the time you'll miss most of them. Example, need to have strength and fitness stats high to get Toji encounters in the park.

      Can you really be sure about Kaji's intentions, he does stare at Rei, says she looks good then asks can he take her with him? That's not weird at all, add on top of that he's upset because Misato wouldn't go to the cake shop with him so he does this. I wish we had an option to sock him in the face during this event, now that would have been awesome. I also discovered more stuff to do with the game which I'll detail in the next update, I also unlocked Asuka "The Tart" yesterday after completing my 2nd playthrough so yay.