Monday, 7 July 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 07/7/14

Zero G love, Zero G love, 4, 3, 2, 1, Zero G love. Im beginning to think that you guys don't even read what I write, from the Robotech reference last time to my broken hopes and dreams for this game. Did nobody else expect to be able to save Rei from the Angel, am I the only one? Speak up goddamn it, we are meant to engage in discussion and if your interested in the game then you would have. I don't understand why nobody has even commented on that fact or are you all Asuka "The Tart" don't come inside me fans. Yea, I bet ya that's what it is.

  • All shops dialogues and items
  • Ending prologue variations (Memory recovery and stuff like that)
  • Most Training options dialogues
  • Many side events, walking Rei to school, amusement park events, school, beach etc
  • A ton more park events, think that's them all done
  • Misc
Anyway I have been busy, as usual. Did all the shops, I think all the park events, training options dialogues. I only briefly went over them initially, they're mostly done now and a bunch other stuff. I still have mental care left, there's a ton of text in those and it's mostly do you know this word a billion times over. That's going to be very annoying to do, anyway onto the park events.
Alot of the people you encounter give off sexual suggestions between you and Rei, you know why the developers included that in the game. Dirty little Gainax, speaking of Gainax. You'd think they would have put more effort into the game you know.....what I expected. I am disappointed in them, especially you Anno because of reasons. Rebuild, EOTV, EOE, who said that.
Just look at that grin, you smug bastard
There's an odd Kaji "Rat-tail" encounter in where he wants to take Rei "off your hands" for a bit, creepy atmosphere ensues. All because Misato didn't go with him to a cake shop so he stares at Rei, mentions she looks good and asks can he take her off your hands and bring her instead. Not to mention the bastard teases you nearly every other time he encounters you and then he asks this, what an ass. Who would let some creep take Rei "off your hands" anyway, who knows what he'd do. This is Kaji "Rat-tail" were talking about. The game is also lazily programmed, I'll detail that next time. Anyway I recorded a new gameplay video if anyone's interested and for fuck sake, what did "you" except from this game.

P.S. I'll start my 2nd playthrough sooner or later, I want to get more text done first. Also removing comments on the downloads, it looks kinda messy.


  1. man your work is nice i cant wait to play the game on english

    1. Thanks, I just wish you guys actually responded to the points I bring up in these progress updates. It makes me think you aren't even reading them, sorry if I come off as an ass or angry just this update.

    2. sorry iam from germany i dont fully understand all but many and i think this project ist nice

    3. I just meant in general and not to you specifically, it's good to know other language speakers are interested in this. Thanks.

  2. If it'll help, I think you can get an automatic translation of the PC version w/ AGTH & ATLAS. If you think it will speed up your process I can try to take chunks of the text to translate.

    1. I just checked it, the AGTH/ATLAS thing does appear to work for the PC version.

    2. I used the visual novel translator to grab some of games text to find out where it is on the NDS rom, I am interested in translating the PC version but are confused on how to open up the games files. I got these tools from the Russian translators of the game, it's all the tools needed to extract the files and re-insert the edited ones. I did as they said but it didn't work, maybe I got the command prompt or shortcut wrong but I don't know. Maybe you could give it a shot as im interested in the pc version, I could even mod it. The russians even created a mod for the game, I'd love to have at it.

      Here's what the files do, im useless at command prompt. Tried it and failed, or at least I think.
      ariktxt - txt script decrypter / encrypter. just drop exe and batch files to folder with txt and run batch file.
      gosbp3un - bmp files unpacker
      gosbp3pk - bmp files packer
      lb5_tool - lb5 game archive packer / unpacker

      Russian guy said this
      You must type full command like "lb5_tool.exe -e exec.lb5" in command line or batch file or in link file (see screenshot). I attached example for unpacking all script files (at next step you can decrypt them with ariktxt tool).

      Anyhow the games text simply appears in crystal tile2, here's a screenshot. I just scroll up and translate the text, simples. I have no problems in finding the text, there's just alot of it and it takes time.

    3. I meant I could assist you with the actual translation, i.e. doing a certain chunk of text to lessen the time it would take you. Also, do you happen to know what affects the affection stat?

    4. Nah that's alright, it's always more hassle when it's more than myself. It was the same with modding, I didn't really like working with other people. Thanks for offering anyway, about that affection stat. There isn't really much to it, feed her the right food and it increases by 1-2 points. That would be, coffee, ice-cream and salad. The 3 main ones, just spend all your monies on those. There is more but I'll explain everything eventually.

    5. Anyway, my offer still stands if you change your mind. Also, thanks for that advice and for uploading the PC version, since I was finally able to read it in English(albeit pretty bad English), I was actually able to, at least so far, get some of the outcomes I was hoping for. BTW, do you know what/why she sometimes just appears to sit on a hill/look out a window, and what I should choose?

    6. Your welcome and yea I noticed your trying to let's play the game, im going to implement the NDS translation into the PC version after im done anyhow. I managed to extract the files with the files the Russians gave me, they didn't give me clear instructions but I figured it out.

      When Rei is sitting outside it's just a chance for the player to, talk, stare or touch her shoulder. It then dumps into the tons of text variations depending on her current feelings and stats. I already translated that part a week ago, it's odd though. I only started to get that event after the new year, it's probably due to the PC version being a buggy mess. It's very unbalanced, affection rate, payment, stat bugs and that's just to name a few. Gainax didn't even fix those when they patched the game, the Russians had to do it. Anyhow that's the version im gonna put my translation into since they fixed gameplay bugs, even if Rei loves the player she can still see Shinji when she dies which is what happened to me when I play-throughed the Japanese PC version. That's how buggy the game is, a plot point they screwed up on. Thanks Gainax.

    7. Alright. I'm doing the PC version b/c I can actually get it in English and when I tried the DS version, no matter what I did, her state never changed to high sociability.

    8. You have to increase her social meter by attending certain training options, Nerv always brings it down so watch out for that. Options like beach, cinema, amusement park, school etc increase social. You have to get it above 100 before you can suggest clothing for Rei to wear, anyway as I said the PC version at it's base it buggy and unbalanced. The DS version is the most refined in terms of gameplay and everything else, the stats you get from the training options slowly increase when compared to it.

      If you have any more questions just fire away.

    9. Just got my 1st PC ending, think it went well. Something to do with a fansite on for shameless self promotion!), talking with her and then I think meeting her in AU... not sure.
      Anyway, unless I mixed up the stats, I got her social almost at 200 in the DS version but the stat never changed(wearing clothes/smiling etc.), and when you play the DS version, I presume on an emulator, what do you do about it being sideways? Do you know of a workaround or do you just play sideways?

    10. Okay, here we are, my current playthrough of the DS version:
      knowledge 198
      intelligence 199
      strength 54
      agility 10
      mental stability 10
      sensitivity 37
      inquisitive 153
      maturity 37
      self awareness 21
      morale/moral 6
      ph 230
      fatigue 0
      When I choose "talk" on Sunday, nothing happens, absolutely nothing, the menu just scrolls off, then back on. Attempting w/ the clothing is the same as when the game starts, and she still has not changed state to "high sociability" or whatever it's called.
      I have no idea what the affection stat is, I think at a reasonable value, but do you have any idea what I can do to get the high social state, in terms of stats, and which events raise them?

    11. I got the same ending with my pc playthrough, that one sucks. Its slightly different between the PC and the DS version on when she will change into the clothing you suggest. It's 100 for the PC but I think it includes multiple factors for the DS version as it's too easy and quick on the PC. Im unsure what those are though, probably has to like you and have high social.

      Don't worry about the talk screen, it just bounces off like that probably because she has nothing to say. I don't know why this happens in the DS version, I thought something was wrong with the game when that happened.

      As I said before, certain training options such as school and social activities increase social. Buy her the right food and drinks and that increases the affection rate, also answering certain questions correctly. It's much slower in the DS version than the PC, again balancing.

      I don't know where you got your stat names from by here's what they say.

      Physical Capabilities
      Reaction Capabilities
      Will Defense
      Social Skills
      Self Awareness

      I abbreviated some of them for the DS, you have been busy. Already played through both the PC and DS versions.

  3. Isn't she supposed to act differently once social is high enough, or are there other stats? If you know what triggers the love state other than affection stat?
    I appreciate whatever help you can give.

    1. Yea, some dialogue here and there. There are also various conditions she can be in, Otaku, Love, Social, Normal, Delinquent etc. Again certain requirements need to be meet. Since your aiming for the love or so it seems then all you have to do is feed her the right food, answer questions or options right, raise social and pheromones high enough, social 100+ and pheromones 200+. Then have the affection stat higher than 75, then you'll notice her blushing and your set.

    2. idk what the questions say or which is the right answer, so I guess I'll just wait until you've finished translating. Although, the game is intended to be played sideways, and I presume you're using an emulator. Do you have a way of flipping the emulator, or do you just play sideways?

    3. No, I flip it so the game looks straight. Head to view, LCD layout and rotation. You'll find the settings you want to change there.

  4. Haha, didn't realize that you wanted to have a discussion about the game ;). To be honest I was disappointed that you couldn't save Rei but not really surprised :P. I was surprised that there is a way to save her in the Asuka route though. Also I myself have been trying to avoid seeing too much of this game since I want to save the experience for when I finally play it myself. As for what i expected from this game...Well I've played the older princess maker games and from what I've read this game seems to be fairly similar.

    1. Not the first time I have mentioned it and glad to see someone else was disappointed to see Rei couldn't be saved. That's all I was asking for, I know people wouldn't always want to ask since they want to see for themselves but a question or two couldn't hurt.