Monday, 28 July 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Page Update 1

Here's what I have uploaded so far, I will be doing the rest part by part as I have to look around for release dates, publishers and so forth as that information isn't straightforward to find. Here you can leave comments to say thanks or ask questions, if you want to that is. Anyway, download some goodies and have fun.

Video Games
2001 - Ayanami Raising Project
          2001 - PC
          2002 - Dreamcast
          2003 - PS2
          2008 - DS

Artbooks (Official, unofficial and fanmade)

I use a few Japanese sites for release dates, publishers and amazon mostly for dimensions. Certain English sources also have incorrect release dates from the ones the Japanese have so it makes further sense to use the latter.


  1. Is the Ayanami Raising Project in a playable state? How do I work it? Sorry if the question is silly, and thanks a billion for the work you've done!

    1. Well the ones I uploaded here are the raw Japanese games but in regards to the NDS translation im working on, the Rei side has been 90% translated. Mostly left is the endings which I'll get around to shortly after I fix up the mistakes and errors I noticed during my 2nd playthrough and some Asuka work. I only recently started on the Asuka part but im making good progress.

      The game isn't that hard to work, if you know Japanese that is. There was a Russian translation of the PC version so if you read that then it could be your best bet, im unsure of your nationality but I guess that's a Ukrainian flag behind your avatar. Thanks for your interest.