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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 21/8/14

"My loneliness, is killing me, and I. I must confess, I still believe, still believe. When I'm not with you I lose my mind, give me a sign. Hit me baby one more". Damn right I made that reference, pretty much sums up every Evangelion character. Anyway, down to progress. You should be happy to know that I have translated all of Rei's endings and 99% of her side, I also want to hold off calling her side complete as I'm unsure if there's some stuff I've missed and I have a few errors to correct. Took it down from 130 but it's now around 25 so I'll get to them sooner or later, I've just working on Asuka at the moment so I want to concentrate there. Im also playing When they cry so that’s been putting my progress back a little, I actually want to play that more than do this because porn.


  • All of Rei's endings
  • Fixed up most if Rei errors, down to 25
  • All of Asuka's training options
  • Asuka events and Angels 7-8 (6 was already done)
    • Tanabata
    • Summer Comiket
    • Summer Festival
    • 2nd school opening ceremony
    • Date with Kaji
    • School trip to Okinawa
    • Relax at pool in Nerv, didn't go on school trip
    • ID cards won't work at Nerv
    • Bunch of misc stuff

I haven't played into the story in the game as I have just been translating Asuka's side from crystal tile 2, it's much quicker that way. I have moved my way through various events and Angel encounters, a really good thing is that the Angel battles use the same text as Rei's (Or at least thus far) so I can copy and paste the dialogues. Good for me but bad for the game, there better be some variation or I'll be one sad panda. The developers probably got lazy but I didn't really expect it to be any different.
Talk back to me again and I'll beat you woman
Anyhow Asuka is a real bitch to 2nd lieutenant, snappy and angry at times. I mean come on bitch or I'll have to teach you some manners, Japanese style. And what does that mean you ask, well some people wash out your mouth with soap while the Japanese will use their Hashimoto's. And that's awesome, we all know only Japanese salarymen are fans of Asuka anyway......because porn. Who said that.

Rei's endings
Alot of these were sadly disappointing but there are good ones, half the time the dialogue doesn't match up with what's on screen and some other stuff for that matter which annoyed me. Here's a few examples:

Biker Girl
You are Rei's teacher and your trying to convince her to stop being in a biker gang, it succeeds and you give her private lessons after school. She graduates and enters University, still keeping in contact with you afterwards. Now is this what you picture when you think biker chick, you can't even call it that since Rei leaves the gang going against what the ending should have been. This is just stupid, did the developers even think this through. I don't think so, it should have been the player and Rei both as bikers in some sort of street race. See, I just made up a better ending. Morons.
Because biker chicks are always hoot
This one kinda got on my nerves, because the picture doesn't match up with the text for this ending. The cake you see before you is all fine and looks pretty delicious, except in the ending it tasted really bad and was made of charred newt and ginsing. Now does that look like it's made of said ingredients, no it doesn't. The ending is you testing out another cake Rei has made and they are all bad, way to push the women cook badly Japanese stereotype Gainax. Sexist! Who said that.
I think there's a few places I'd like to put the cream on that cake.
Race Queen
Yea just stand there, look pretty and cover random grease monkeys with your umbrella. This ending was confusing, it made me think if the developers even knew what happens on a race track. Anyway Rei covers you with her umbrella as you talk/work maintenance on the race car, her asks her out and heads off to start the race.....or at least the text implies he is the driver. That's where I'm confused, a race queens job is to cover the mechanic and team working on the vehicle. Ok that's set, your doing that but then it implies your the driver when the driver doesn't double as a mechanic or as far as I know. Whatever, stupid Japanese. Race queen porn, who said that. We all know they get ploughed by the producers and race teams, knowing Japan that's probably true.
Porn porn porn porn porn
It's also funny to note that they have Eva race queens in real life, again gets ploughed by anyone with erectile dysfunction. And that's why many women in Japan are single, that and all dudes just want to rape you. Japan, supporting rape culture since 1575.

Now this ending was really good, Rei runs Gamers as manager with Dejiko doing kawai things running around as a member of staff. That's all good and funny but then comes the picture, Rei is sweeping the floor even though she is the manager and Dejiko is doing that. Idiots nyo.
So kawai
List of Rei endings
Gamers (NDS exclusive ending)
Yossha Man (Reference to Yatterman)
Nobel Prize Scientist
Mad Scientist
Quiz queen
Student Teacher
Women's wrestling
Volleyball championship
Figure skater
Gym instructor
Art Club
Shrine Maiden
Nursery Teacher
Movie Star
Fashion Model
Idol live broadcast
The star of a small theater company
Maid Commando ☆ Miyuki Cosplay
Doujinshi Author
World famous thief
Biker Gang "The Ladies"
Waitress with Fanclub
Fast food waitress
Marriage 1
Marriage 2
Marriage 3
Marriage 4
Episode 26, Alternate Universe
EOE, Rei becomes Lilith
Wife of Gendo

Anyhow that was just a few of many endings but the full list is above if you want it, you guys are probably bored by my as Evageeks would call it, "Racist" jokes anyway. Because when you don't understand what someone means, call them a racist......ha-ha-ha those guys are fucking annoying. Unless you like random dudes blowing each other but hey, whatever floats your boat.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Newtype Film Book Volume 9

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Dimensions: 7.2 x 5.1 x 0.4 inches
Release Date: 20/08/1996
Release Price: 500 Yen
Pages: 96

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Newtype Film Book Volume 8

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Dimensions: 7.1 x 5 x 0.2 inches
Release Date: 20/07/1996
Release Price: 500 Yen
Pages: 73

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Newtype Film Book Volume 7

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.1 x 0.2 inches
Release Date: 20/06/1996
Release Price: 500 Yen
Pages: 60

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Newtype Film Book Volume 6

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Dimensions: 7.1 x 5 x 0.4 inches
Release Date: 20/05/1996
Release Price: 500 Yen
Pages: 66

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Newtype Film Book Volume 5

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Dimensions: 7.1 x 5 x 0.4 inches
Release Date: 17/04/1996
Release Price: 500 Yen
Pages: 66

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Newtype Film Book Volume 4

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.1 x 0.4 inches
Release Date: 20/03/1996
Release Price: 500 Yen
Pages: 81

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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Newtype Film Book Volume 3

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.2 x 0.3 inches
Release Date: 01/02/1996
Release Price: 500 Yen
Pages: 66

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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Newtype Film Book Volume 2

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Dimensions: 7.1 x 5 x 0.4 inches
Release Date: 17/01/1996
Release Price: 500 Yen
Pages: 66

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Newtype Film Book Volume 1

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Dimensions: 7.1 x 5 x 0.4 inches
Release Date: 11/12/1995
Release Price: 500 Yen
Pages: 66

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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 04/8/14

Very good news people, I unlocked Asuka and have translated mostly all Rei' s side of the game. There's just most of the endings to do there and a shit ton of errors to correct that I noticed while playing through the game, I took screenies so I know where to find and fix them. Recently I also have been neck deep in Asuka porn I mean translating her side so a good amount of progress is being made.

  • Finished 2nd playthrough of Rei 
  • Got student teacher and marriage ending 
  • Nearly all Rei's side is done, only most endings to translate and a ton of errors to correct which I will get around to doing soon 
  • Unlocked Asuka 
  • Started Asuka playthrough and started translating 
  • More than half training dialogues done
  • Amusement park dialogues 
  • Beach dialogues 
  • Cinema dialogues 
  • Introduction scene and 6th Angel
  • More stuff I can't remember
Now let me get down to the details that I noticed while playing the game, it's really important so get ready for a really long post and you better fucking read it this time. I'll also go through various events in the game and talk about them a little, it's also necessary as I again have more disappointments but don't worry. It's not all bad, now let me begin.

Rei's new Nerv ID card
Depending on Rei's relationship to the various love/affection interests the one with the highest then delivers the card to her. The players scene is good but too similar to Shinji's encounter, you walk in on Rei and fall on her but it doesn't mention he groped her. That's really the only difference, when it's Shinji who she has the highest affection for Rei you only get a few dialogue screens the following day when 2nd lieutenant asks did anything happen yesterday.
Incoming fanboy rage in 3, 2, 1..... (Check image name)
She mentions Ikari came and gave her the new ID card, that's it! I hoped for the player to walk in on Shinii and give him a good smack on the face, was that too much to ask Gainax. There is only a player and Shinji scene for this event, no Gendo. The Russians have it down as if there is in their guide PDF for the PC version when there actually isn't and I checked the game, there isn't. A disappointing fact when the game is about tug and pull between the 3 key love interests especially when it affects the ending.

In short
Players encounter too similar to Shinji's from the show,
You aren't even present when Shinji's happens and it's only a few dialogue screens long
No Gendo scene.
Wasted potential, do better Gainax.

Rei's schedule, school and affection meter
I noticed quite a few things while playing the game, school gives general stat increases across the board but there is a catch. I'm unsure if this is right but from experience I think it is because it seems to have an affect. Sending Rei to school gives stat increases across most but remember the catch and who else is present at school, Shinji. In my first playthrough I didn't send her to school as much but during my 2nd I did way more, That then got me thinking because Rei started to blush in front of Shinji much to my annoyance. From this I can tell that school is what affects the Shinji affection meter as afterwards I stopped sending her and home schooled Rei instead, she then became love smitten and that got me thinking again.
You got that right, makes you wonder what kind of kinky stuff Rei and 2nd Lieutenant have been getting up to.....awesome.
Homeschooling Rei affects your affection meter with her as you’re the only one around her just like how Shinji is near in school, see what im getting at here. More discovery shave been made especially taking into account there is jack shit info about these portions of the game and how they work, I even searched in Japanese but didn't find any good walk through or guides because they idiots. Again in unsure if school or homeschooling affects either but from experience playing the game I think it does, I mean why wouldn't it. Makes perfect sense since it's who she spends more time near, for her to go the Gendo route I would just guess you have to keep her low social and morals but remember not to get close to her. Again I'm unsure as there is not much info about these portions of the game.
I've got a few things in mind Rei, it's only about 400 pages long.

In short
Sending Rei to school affects Shinji affection meter
Homeschooling Rei affects the players affection meter
Unsure but think so due to my experience playing the game
Keep her low social and morals to stay on Gendo path

Various Romance Events
Im just gonna go through a bunch of events here and talk about them a little, they're picture friendly so have fun looking at the purty images. At the end I'll talk some more and finish this huge post with Asuka tentacle, monster, mind break, teleporting sex frog hentai porn. What, ain't you heard of the awesome.

Opening entry plug and saving Rei
I really like this scene, this is when you have more affection to Rei than Shinji. It's better than Shinji's because it's more to Gendo than that Lilly liveried coward, 2nd lieutenant runs up and opens the entry plug by hand without protection burning them in the process. Rei just keeps saying the players name and the scene ends. We also get that smile, aww how kawai. Nobody had to tell her to smile this time, she did it on her own just how what happened when Gendo opened the entry plug. In your face Shinji ya darn whippersnapper.

Summer festival
Rei has to have enough social and probably like you for her to go to the festival, before you do you head over to Misato's to borrow a kimono for Rei. That's where her costume comes from, darn there's too much kawai in these images. You have 3 choices on what to do and each give a single small stat boost, each of the choices have their own appeal so I wouldn't say there is a wrong choice here. I chose to join in on the dance to show Rei some of my circus inspired dance moves because  "I said dance dance dance, move to the music, let your heart go free, dance, dance, dance, you can't refuse it, dance, dance, dance with me".

Afterwards you walk Rei home and she mentions she'll be lonely after, and yea I know what your thinking. Whamin and slammin indeed but don't fret my dear, there ain't any porn in this game and I checked the game files. Dirty little bastards over at Gainax never left and hidden extras for me, you disgust me Gainax. Come to think of it, there ain't any Raising Project porn or doujinshi's at all. That would imply that I checked but I totally didn't, I'm a gentleman after all. Anyways back to the after party, you hold hands and then you finally reach home. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, gonna see some action. I'm talking about the candy Rei gives you if you know that I mean, wink wink nudge nudge. Come on, don't throw shoes, that was funny. Anyway Rei gives you a handful of sweets and the player eats them all at once but the answer alludes me, did he spit or swallow. The latter obviously and is that all I get. Some sweets because I know of a better way to spend or time waifu, catch my drift and I don't mean my stench.

Rei catches wedding boutique
Another nice little scene, I'm unsure if you need this to gain the wedding ending as the one who catches the bouquet is the next one to get married. Probably not but it's worth the thought, anyhow a nice heartwarming scene. You pass by a marriage and Rei catches the bouquet that is thrown out, the groom and bridge then tell Rei that she is next.
She is confused and turns to 2nd lieutenant for an explanation, he tells her the one to catch is the next one to get married. Rei blushes and then storms off grasping the bouquet, 2nd lieutenant shouts hey wait up and chases after her. Scene end, this is a random event that I got from entering the park but then again you probably need certain stats and affection meter with Rei to get this. To do so just play nice and skip the foreplay. Take what you will from that, P.S. there ain't any bonking in the game.

Christmas Event
Now the Christmas event, this is the only event that I know of that Rei can choose Gendo over the other two, she mentions he requested her. Presumably for kinky kinky bum sex, come on no more shoes. Evageeks even has a did Gendo do stuff to Rei thread so by their idiotic logic I can mention it, what it's not like it happened in the show so I can use that argument. Circlejerkers actually tried to conjecture that he possibly did or could have even though the answer is no. What a bunch of morons. What am I bashing, who knows. Anyhow back to the event, you buy Rei a nice outfit and head out to a restaurant that 2nd lieutenant reserved dinner at. It's now time to put my moves on Rei, got her wrapped around my finger. Oh yea, she gives you a gift there and afterwards you can if you have high enough stats (I think) head into the town to watch the street decorations.

There you take a gander but also notice that couples are roaming the streets kissing, Rei comments are we to do that. She also mentions that Toji told her that couples roam the streets on Christmas Eve, dirty little bastard. How dare you talk to my waifu, im the only one. Ill mess you up, just like how I trashed all those other guys. I got many boxes labeled skull parts, hope my neighbors don't notice the bodies under my floorboards either. Did I just say that, forget I mentioned it. How the hell did I get off topic, anyway back to the event. Rei asked you to kiss her and the player says ill grant your wish, you the head home where Rei spends the night at your place and she begins to cry. After or before the rape, just kidding.
Kiss me kiss me, say that you love me
Im a gentleman after all, you know like Sanji except I can't cook, stink like ass and eat maggots for breakfast and no im not British. Rei cries because no stop thinking that, she cries because she can't dream but 2nd lieutenant reassures her saying their dream is together. Aww isn't that sweet, the scene then ends with Rei staying the night. Who knows went on there, I'll leave that to your imagination. I say doujinshi territory, that's the rationale conclusion. You know the ones with monsters, that probably raised a few eyebrows. Shojo no Orc anybody and I don't even know what the hell that is.
Of course I love you waifu, why would you ask such a silly question

Happy New Year/Visit to Shinto Shrine
I have mentioned this one before or at least showed a picture I think, anyhow for New Years you make soba noodles and head to a Shinto shrine. I know what your thinking and it's not that cult from the future diary but Japanese religion or whatever it is. Aren't they the same thing anyhow, ahh no more shoes. Depending on your affection rate to Rei or something it changes the noodles scene, mostly if they came out right and if Rei gave you a hand making them. Then you go to the Shinto shrine with Rei, beforehand you head to a beauty parlor that 2nd lieutenant also got a reservation. There you dress up and get ready, that red kimono looks so beautiful. Then onward towards the shrine, you do something I can't remember there and afterwards you visit a fortune teller. You then get a token of good or bad luck (Ohh foreshadowing) with text on it, note that it only mentions what Rei's says. Depending on her stats it changes what the token says, there's a lot of variation there as it was a drag to translate.

Rei's bath breaks
Rei's bath breaks and you then head out to the public baths to wash, you head inside to separate gender spas separated by a barrier. 2nd lieutenant does have any soap so he asks Rei to throw him over her's, they then wash. Rei finishes early and has been waiting outside For some time before you come out. Depending on her stats and affection to you it changes what she says. A small minor event that happens on January 22nd, it doesn't mention is Rei's bath ever gets fixed. Narrative flaw anyone.
Anything for you waifu
Next Sunday/If you don't use Nerv training
Ahh yes, the infamous next Sunday section of the game. This was a real drag to translate as there were just so many variations of this one stupid event that only happened a few times throughout the game. It happens after you give Rei her schedule for next week and then she comments to herself like in the images below. It helps to fill you in on her current emotions and wants so yea its kinda useful as it gives you an insight.
You wear what I tell you to wear woman
I also would like to mention what happens when you don't use the Nerv training options, Ritsuko comes over to your place and lectures you that if Rei doesn't attend Nerv training she will eventually struggle against the Angels. That's really it, you don't even have to send Rei to Nerv which is good as that always brings down her social, morals and stuff like that. That and you can keep her all to yourself, oh yea. Now that's what I'm talking about, I think an angry mobs outside my door by now. Kinda weird, I wonder why.
Oh gee oh boy yes sir ree
Valentines Day
Why Rei, you want me to be your Valentines. Aww, why thank you. Always Rei says that she didn't have anyone else to give it to and that's even if she is with Shinji or at least I think. I didn't notice any dialogues in the games code for that, kinda weird they wouldn't place a variation for this event based on the affection rate between the characters. The only variations in this event are Rei's tone, her gift to you and if your affection rate is high enough you will get a kiss. I got the kiss in my second playthrough, I presume it has to be higher than 75. Just a guess, the best gift is at 60 and I got that in my first playthrough so you probably have to work a little harder to get the kiss. Im unsure, my memory is a bit foggy.

Ahh, where all women belong
When you kiss Rei she mentions how it tastes of chocolate, oh yea I mean eww I mean that's hot I mean if your into that. Yea shove your face into the cake and then press lips, really hygienic there guys. I don't know, maybe it's a Japanese fetish. This is the 2nd time you can kiss in the game, 1st on Christmas, 2nd on valentines, 3rd on white day and last on the giant wheel at fantasy world during the last month or two of the game. I think that's all of them, anyhow enjoy face smudging below. I mean don't, that's my waifu your looking at their buddy.
Kiss me kiss me, say that you love me.
Wait, didn't I already make that reference.  Ahh who cares, you love it.
Here are the gifts she can get you for valentines day and the required affection.

  • Chocolate bunny bear hybrid - Affection higher than 60, if in love you kiss Rei
  • Candy - Affection 30-60
  • Giri choco - Affection below 30

White Day
This time you get Rei something in return for valentines, he mentions that he would after you kiss at valentines. Also depending on your affect rate to Rei it changes what you buy her, I got the cake (Highest affection rate item) for that special someone. You then both eat it and Rei makes tea to go with the cake, yea lets have some cake. I want some, why is life so cruel.
Maybe she likes big things, wink wink nudge nudge
Ahh this pic is during the part where you confront Rei in the corridor since you know about the dummy plug plant and that she's a clone, oh yea by the way. Rei acknowledges it as she knows she's a clone but didn't want you to know. Thanks Gainax, just take away what was meant to be ambitious and state it. There's a lot of variation here, again depending on your affection rate and if you answered the memory retrieval questions right.
Yes yes, i will soothe your pain
Other events
Now here are just some random events that I wanted to highlight, below is the event where 2nd lieutenant slams the down on his own finger as he enters Rei's apartment. He asks for something to clean it up but Rei requests that she put a bandage on, a nice scene that I like. I'm unsure what triggers it though but maybe it's got something to do with Rei's morality/morals stat.
Poka poka
I saw this bathing suit in the PC version game files and wondered how to get Rei to wear it as you can't buy it in the shop. I think it's got to do with the pheromone stat as 2nd lieutenant always mentions she looks pretty or very guy in sight will notice (Pheromone stat is known as beauty in the Russian translation, I connected the dots with the dialogue and the stat and made an assumption), he means that as a compliment. I like the white bathing suit, it looks much better than the orange floral bikini that you can buy.
Don't you dare look at my waifu
Here's one of the beach sub events, it probably happens at random. You get out a suntan lotion bottle and ask Rei does she want to put some on, she says no but would rub some on you. She keeps rubbing even after what's needed to be done but stops and her face goes red in embarrassment. 2nd lieutenant also mentions in his head that he feels sorta shamed letting her do that, scene end. I do wish you could rub some on Rei as you can't, why didn't the developers add this in. I'm pretty sure they though of it, although in Asuka's story it's the opposite and you rub it on her back but she never does you. Was this a design choice, darn you Japanese developers stopping me from getting my freak on. Wasted opportunities, do they even know how to make a game seeing how this ones sorta half baked in certain areas.
Lube me up Rei, I'll do you next
Ahh, now onto some of the sexual suggestive park encounters. These appear either when Rei is in love with you or are progressing to that point, it is odd though as I got the Maya one early into the game in my first playthrough. Is this game broken, anyway after Kensuke gives his usual dialogue he leaves but turns around and adds this last remark. Oh no, he's onto us. Quick Rei, hide all the bondage equipment.
Hey look its the Otaku murderer
Misato being the tart she is buts into other peoples business, I mean what gives woman. Cross me and I will end you, you meet her in the park and she mentions are you two on a date. 2nd lieutenant says we're not doing that but Rei says nothing and just blushes. Misato then says the below, juicy details. I think I'd like to know two, what don't look at me like that.
Juicy details, I got something else juicy for ya
I like this one, it's kinda funny. Maya walks up to you and says a rumor has been going around, she doesn't mention what it is or who it's about and 2nd lieutenant says go on. Maya then says it's about Rei and 2nd lieutenant and that they are, she doesn't finish her sentence and Rei blushes. Maya then says the below and walks off, notice she says the same when Kaji and Misato were stuck in that elevator having sex I mean trying to figure a way out. Ok that didn't happen and I ad-libed the sex fiends part into this dialogue screen, Maya did say something similar but I thought I'd one up the game and connect it to somewhere else. It's also something she would say, seems like I know more than the developers. Ok I probably don't but you know what I mean.
Your one to talk, I've seen all those hentai's Maya
Asuka/Stinky Rei/Porn
I know I said I would talk about Asuka at the end but this has really gone on far too long so I'll end it soon, I'll post about Asuka in next progress update. Now onto something I just want to mention, for some reason. Not long ago I posted a topic on Evageeks about why Rei is so clean and washes herself so much, I also mentioned Gendo in the same topic but check out the thread for that. Anyhow, I said it kinda doesn't make sense for Rei to do that since she has a lack of self worth and it would make actual sense if she was dirty or didn't wash. I also mentioned that the creators wouldn't want a smelly character because that wouldn't be hoot, obviously there are some stuff that I didn't take notice of during the show that people mentioned. I still think otherwise as it would make sense especially how her character is, and why do I find a smelly dirty Rei to be so alluring. Stinky foot fetish anyone, who said that. I gotta clean every nook and cranny now, behind her ears obviously.
And it turns out Shinzo Abe was James Bond all along, don't ask.
Now onto If you actually read this giant post you would notice I mentioned there were no Raising Project hentai or doujinshi's, get to it internet. I need sustenance, and it must be drawn in a pop eye style art style because that's how I like my porn. Actually scratch that, make it scooby doo style. No, wacky racers. Darn it, I'll settle for regular good old normal artwork. Get to it internet.

Marriage ending, student teacher ending and instrumentality (Space Magic)
Im so married to Rei now guys, you ain't got shit on me. Damn right, in all your faces. Anyhow I got the marriage ending as Rei became love smitten by my charms, this ending comes after the stat based one which was good to see. I thought it was an ending on its own, the dialogue was nice and had a heartwarming feeling to it. The guys who wrote this part of the game and the romance sections deserves a lot of credit, they are the best written sections of the game. Everything else on the other hand is sorta meh, could have been a lot better.
Best reference ever (Check image name)
Anyhow the ending, much to my demise the marriage ending and probably all take place in an alternate universe created from instrumentality. That really gets on my nerves, all I wanted was the ending to take place after the events of the game in the same world where you continue to live on and then insert stat ending and possible marriage. That's all I was asking for but no, we get a world made from space magic. Listen, the future is what we make with our own two hands and not the future we make is through space magic. Why didn't they one up the series and do this, wasted potential.
Oh yea, totally me right there "merging" with Rei. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.
(I already fixed that spelling mistake, silly me)
I got the student teacher ending for Rei, she is doing that at a school for university and covers the players class. At the start of it, Shinji, Toji and Kensuke play a prank on the new teacher (Rei), afterwards she talks to you about how she lost her cool during class and always makes mistakes. You then promise to help her learn to become a better teacher, she graduates to become a real teacher one year later and that's the student teacher ending. If your affection stat is high enough, you then marry Rei. The bad thing is that it just jump cuts, the first screen you see says after the wedding reception. A major narrative flaw of the developers here, they should have has a few screens mentioning afterwards that you two became close and eventually married because the stat based endings don't really set that up. Did the developers even play the game before it was released, I would close to think that someone would have at least brought this up.
Stay away from my waifu Shinji, I will break you
Anyway the wedding scene is really nice, you and Rei are both in the dressing rooms after the reception and begin to talk to one another. She mentions that she feels she has known you since before they have met and even before she was born. The player feels some truth to all this and says it does to matter about the past as we're happy now. He also mentions that fated lovers from a past life sounds like a clique romance novel, I got a good chuckle out of that although I changed that part myself. Originally the game says like a cheesy fantasy novel but clique romance novel made way more sense especially when this is romance and not fantasy. Anyway they both begin to cry uncontrollably (Presumably due to remembering their past life) and hold the other in their arms to confirm their existence. Ending over, aww, isnt that sweet. I really liked this scene here, I wish there were more like that in the game but there was probably multiple directors battling it out. I hope Anno wasn't involved in the parts I liked, I really don't want to praise him. Just remember that there are 4 types of marriage endings and this as one 1 of them, maybe the others are different but probably similar.
My waifu to fondle, not yours. Re-he-he-he, looking purty Rei.
In short
There isn't any in short this time, read the entire thing jackasses.

Asuka Introduction Scene and 6th Angel

Everything you read here was only for sarcasm and comedic purposes, they do not represent my actual views or beliefs. I really just wanted to clear that up, I do apologize for the length and jokes used in this post. I kinda went off the deep end and went partially insane, I'll try not to do this again and I was joking about the porn business(Or was I). Anyway thanks for reading and please comment. You've better read the whole thing or your ass will be my next boxing gloves ya bunch of whippersnappers.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Groundwork of Evangelion Volume 2

Publisher: Gainax
Dimensions: 11.8 x 8.7 x 0.8 inches
Dimensions: 12.6 x 11.7 x 2 inches (A4 Edition)
Release Date: 14/12/2000
Release Date: 22/12/2000 (A4 Edition)
Release Price: 2,700 yen
Pages: 252