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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 21/8/14

"My loneliness, is killing me, and I. I must confess, I still believe, still believe. When I'm not with you I lose my mind, give me a sign. Hit me baby one more". Damn right I made that reference, pretty much sums up every Evangelion character. Anyway, down to progress. You should be happy to know that I have translated all of Rei's endings and 99% of her side, I also want to hold off calling her side complete as I'm unsure if there's some stuff I've missed and I have a few errors to correct. Took it down from 130 but it's now around 25 so I'll get to them sooner or later, I've just working on Asuka at the moment so I want to concentrate there. Im also playing When they cry so that’s been putting my progress back a little, I actually want to play that more than do this because porn.


  • All of Rei's endings
  • Fixed up most if Rei errors, down to 25
  • All of Asuka's training options
  • Asuka events and Angels 7-8 (6 was already done)
    • Tanabata
    • Summer Comiket
    • Summer Festival
    • 2nd school opening ceremony
    • Date with Kaji
    • School trip to Okinawa
    • Relax at pool in Nerv, didn't go on school trip
    • ID cards won't work at Nerv
    • Bunch of misc stuff

I haven't played into the story in the game as I have just been translating Asuka's side from crystal tile 2, it's much quicker that way. I have moved my way through various events and Angel encounters, a really good thing is that the Angel battles use the same text as Rei's (Or at least thus far) so I can copy and paste the dialogues. Good for me but bad for the game, there better be some variation or I'll be one sad panda. The developers probably got lazy but I didn't really expect it to be any different.
Talk back to me again and I'll beat you woman
Anyhow Asuka is a real bitch to 2nd lieutenant, snappy and angry at times. I mean come on bitch or I'll have to teach you some manners, Japanese style. And what does that mean you ask, well some people wash out your mouth with soap while the Japanese will use their Hashimoto's. And that's awesome, we all know only Japanese salarymen are fans of Asuka anyway......because porn. Who said that.

Rei's endings
Alot of these were sadly disappointing but there are good ones, half the time the dialogue doesn't match up with what's on screen and some other stuff for that matter which annoyed me. Here's a few examples:

Biker Girl
You are Rei's teacher and your trying to convince her to stop being in a biker gang, it succeeds and you give her private lessons after school. She graduates and enters University, still keeping in contact with you afterwards. Now is this what you picture when you think biker chick, you can't even call it that since Rei leaves the gang going against what the ending should have been. This is just stupid, did the developers even think this through. I don't think so, it should have been the player and Rei both as bikers in some sort of street race. See, I just made up a better ending. Morons.
Because biker chicks are always hoot
This one kinda got on my nerves, because the picture doesn't match up with the text for this ending. The cake you see before you is all fine and looks pretty delicious, except in the ending it tasted really bad and was made of charred newt and ginsing. Now does that look like it's made of said ingredients, no it doesn't. The ending is you testing out another cake Rei has made and they are all bad, way to push the women cook badly Japanese stereotype Gainax. Sexist! Who said that.
I think there's a few places I'd like to put the cream on that cake.
Race Queen
Yea just stand there, look pretty and cover random grease monkeys with your umbrella. This ending was confusing, it made me think if the developers even knew what happens on a race track. Anyway Rei covers you with her umbrella as you talk/work maintenance on the race car, her asks her out and heads off to start the race.....or at least the text implies he is the driver. That's where I'm confused, a race queens job is to cover the mechanic and team working on the vehicle. Ok that's set, your doing that but then it implies your the driver when the driver doesn't double as a mechanic or as far as I know. Whatever, stupid Japanese. Race queen porn, who said that. We all know they get ploughed by the producers and race teams, knowing Japan that's probably true.
Porn porn porn porn porn
It's also funny to note that they have Eva race queens in real life, again gets ploughed by anyone with erectile dysfunction. And that's why many women in Japan are single, that and all dudes just want to rape you. Japan, supporting rape culture since 1575.

Now this ending was really good, Rei runs Gamers as manager with Dejiko doing kawai things running around as a member of staff. That's all good and funny but then comes the picture, Rei is sweeping the floor even though she is the manager and Dejiko is doing that. Idiots nyo.
So kawai
List of Rei endings
Gamers (NDS exclusive ending)
Yossha Man (Reference to Yatterman)
Nobel Prize Scientist
Mad Scientist
Quiz queen
Student Teacher
Women's wrestling
Volleyball championship
Figure skater
Gym instructor
Art Club
Shrine Maiden
Nursery Teacher
Movie Star
Fashion Model
Idol live broadcast
The star of a small theater company
Maid Commando ☆ Miyuki Cosplay
Doujinshi Author
World famous thief
Biker Gang "The Ladies"
Waitress with Fanclub
Fast food waitress
Marriage 1
Marriage 2
Marriage 3
Marriage 4
Episode 26, Alternate Universe
EOE, Rei becomes Lilith
Wife of Gendo

Anyhow that was just a few of many endings but the full list is above if you want it, you guys are probably bored by my as Evageeks would call it, "Racist" jokes anyway. Because when you don't understand what someone means, call them a racist......ha-ha-ha those guys are fucking annoying. Unless you like random dudes blowing each other but hey, whatever floats your boat.


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  2. That's a lot of endings… My inner completionist isn't liking this.

    1. And add into the fact we have no clue on how to get them, maybe sorta due to guessing which stat relates to said ending but not the exact number of points needed.

    2. Most of the endings are probably just relations of stats, but then there's whatever determines AU-verse, Gendo, which marriage ending, or EoE, which seem more like actual requirements that just stat comparison.

    3. Yea I already know what triggers the non stat endings, they all relate to answering the memory retrieval questions wrong and who Rei has the highest affection towards. That's basically it.

  3. The pictures may not match the text, and damn Biker gang Rei would have been hilarious XD, but at least the pictures and outfits are nice. I really like that NERV style biker uniform :D

    1. Of course the pictures are nice but what does it matter if they don't relate to what happens in in the actual ending, unless your just gonna jerk off at them. Not show perfect fresh cream cake when it tasted horrible and was made from charred newt and ginsing. The worst thing is, more endings are like that which shows how little attention the developers actually paid during development, what a bunch of idiots. I've never seen in my life another game which didn't match the picture on screen with the actual text, morons.

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    1. Whoops, deleted by accident, so here it goes again:
      Just stopping by because I wanted you to know that you're doing God's work, mate. Can't wait to play the finished product after all those years, during which I thought the game was never going to become available in English. It sounds like you're making good progress, so kudos to you!

    2. Thanks, it's always good to know when my work is appreciated.

  5. ayanami rei Ikusei keikaku was the first dreamcast game I played and I loved it, I hope to play it on ds in English and some patch dreamcast too

    1. That's good to hear, and I will implement the DS translation into the Dreamcast version afterwards. I uploaded that video just for a test to show it can be done.