Friday, 5 September 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 05/9/14

Well, someone asked on 4 chan and I answered. So yea, I don't know Japanese and have been machine translating the whole thing. Sad, as some may think but it wouldn't have been done either way, I did have people set to go but they never responded after they agreed to help. I wasn't hiding this fact, it's just that nobody asked, would anyone have thought if I said yes, don't think so as I have uploaded videos of the translation. I don't really care though as this is good enough for me, but maybe I just have low standards. Anyway, onto the actual progress update. Work is progressing well and a lot has been done, up until the 14th Angel has been translated so this is good news. There were also a bunch of events that took place between the missions which you can see below, and they do have variation.

  • Up to 14th Angel Done
  • Tanabata
  • Summer Comiket
  • Summer Festival
  • Opening ceremony
  • Date with Kaji
  • School trip to Okinawa
  • Relax at pool in Nerv, didn't go on school trip
  • Harmonics test
  • Party at Misato's (For her promotion)
  • Made something in class at school
  • School play
  • Unit 0 goes crazy, Shinji compatibility test
  • Talked with Hikari in school about date
  • Harmonics test, another one (Shinji synchronization rate increases)
  • Husband and wife quarrel/Asuka finds out Toji is a pilot
  • Christmas Eve
  • Winter Comiket
  • New Years Eve
  • Happy new year/visit to shinto shrine
  • New Years Cards
Good for you but bad for me, variation adds replayability but becomes quite annoying for me to translate. This game always likes to have the same dialogues but then have a few differences here and there, and instead of having it fully different we get a slight variation. Not that any of you care, you just want to fap 14 year old girls. Who said that, erm not me. Ya bunch of salarymen, and what's up with the overall Rei in the poll. No Asuka fans, oh I know you all just want to spend the weekend teaching Rei biology, or scat, or why not both. Dirty horn dogs, the lot of you. I also added the yellow bastard himself up in the corner, for science obviously.

Anyway, there's only a few Angel's left to go, and then a bunch of side dialogues which is great. Because then I can move past this disappointing game and machine translate another, which will be so evil of me but whatever. Who knows, maybe I'll plague El Dorado Gate, now that would be hilarious. Or maybe a Higurashi When They Cry one, I really like When They Cry. It's awesome, Evangelion keeps giving me a sour taste in my mouth recently. Nano desu anyone, oh so kawai. I just wanna pinch all their cheeks, and now I command thee to watch Happy! Lucky! Dochy! The full version! Anyway, I'll change the poll and what come of thee about my throne of lies, unless you want me to talk about events I know you won't read.


  1. El Dorado Gate! I hope you do it, also PercentSevenC what a moron, im sure if it was not for you, no one will give a flying fuck about this game

    1. Yea, that's a game people really want to play and I think it's doable. Lots of people have put off translating it but they probably never even tried. I'll have a look at it after this translation finishes.

  2. Hi! i have question of your romhacking video of june. the thing is im trying to translate a megaman ds game, and i wanna know what kind of rules do you use to translate in the win hex to say for expample, that the letter "a" (the japanese one) is 00.
    Thanks in advance and good luck with the translation!

    1. Well, the 2 digits usually refer to a certain letter or character and you'll need a custom table for it to display right. There aren't really any rules so to speak, you only need to build a table and then change for example 5E=シ to 1A=F and do that to change the words.

      Anyway, you should use crystal tile 2 to translate DS games. There's no need for a table and you can just type in what you want to change using the keyboard. Very simple, I'll take a video tomorrow and show you what I mean.

    2. Thanks! That will be very helpful!

    3. Here you go, just make sure you have it set to Shift-JIS and then your all set. You can also copy and paste so that helps.

    4. Don't you have to make sure the new text doesn't exceed the old text in length, or is that not true?

  3. Yup, and I try to make sure I never do. It has happened once or twice but I fixed those when I found them, hope there's not more but that's unlikely as I was careful.

  4. Thanks for the video! I will try it. Also i have another doubt... yeah, sorry to be a troublemaker but in order to translate the game its necesary to play it first, i mean for the bonuses, hidden options and such thimgs?

    1. Don't worry, I enjoy answering questions. You won't get anywhere without them, I also know what it's like to get a cold shoulder from over a dozen pm's about romhacking. People can be real asses sometimes, although sometimes you won't need to play through the scenes to translate them. As long as you have the first couple of screens of a scene or section, the rest of the text should be above or below.

      You see, at the moment im not even playing the game. Im simply working my way downward through the text, but when it comes to an end. I'll play it and screencap so I can find where the rest is.

    2. Me again... the reason to post is to inform you about some things i tried. First i used the crystal tile2 and a lot of japanese and roman text appeared( in a mixed way.... not to say gibberish?). In that case i search for a complete hiragana/katakana word and no results...
      Second, having saying that i searched for internet and i have to use a program called tinke to uncompresed the files which by the way are all in extension .bin
      Once again im not posting this to disturbe you, just to inform you of my so calleeddd progreesss....
      By the way if you wanna know the game i tried to translate is the rockman operation shooting star.

    3. Sometimes the games text will be compressed, so it will be necessary to uncompress certain files to make the changes you want. This isn't always the case though but maybe you didn't have the right settings or searched for the wrong sentence, hardcoded image text's and menu's for the most part won't appear so only search for dialogue screens and the like.

      Show me a pic of what you did search for though, you may also want to document your attempts on a blog of sorts for people to read. Just a thought.

    4. Here´s a pic of one of few files i found (the other ones are for the wifi options)

      Also i have already made a document of the wifi and i started translating some minor things.
      As for the blog, for me its too early, i want to experiment what can i find and what can i do....besides next week i have to study for the university tests....
      Once again thanks for the help!