Friday, 3 October 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update - 03/10/14

I have recently been trudging through the workload and the end is in sight, nearly all of the side events and misc texts are complete so I'll get around to the endings sooner or later. That said, below is a list of said events but I'll keep it short and only mention two of them. I know probably nobody will even read them but here they are, the beach boys and Aka Manto.

Progress (Side events)

  • Asuka feeds you food on the beach
  • The Beach boys
  • Suntan lotion rubbing
  • Who's the child now amusement park
  • Ice cream in amusement park
  • Small animals gather around Asuka
  • Asuka gets lost
  • Asuka cinema events
  • Asuka gets jealous
  • Trash in park
  • Asuka talks about her future
  • Asuka stares into shop window for trading cards and clothing
  • Meet Asuka window shopping
  • Asuka's bath breaks/go to public baths
  • Asuka gets scouted by idol office/meets a stranger
  • Love letter from Asuka
  • I heard at school
  • What kind of women do you like
  • All park events and encounters
  • Lots of misc texts like talk function and stuff

The Beach Boys
Ah yes, my glorious Dragon Ball Z reference. This is a random event when you visit the beach, Asuka asks for a drink and you head off the get her one, but meanwhile, a few beach boys or as the game calls them, pickup guy A (Renamed pickup to beach boy for extra awesomeness), they're all up over Asuka but she seems to like the attention, eww. Your gross Asuka, she probably enjoys it in all those doujinshi's, what, Anno would want us to interpret it that way, because that's how well written his characters are. Anyway, 2nd lieutenant comes back and can't find Asuka, only to turn around and see a few muscled freaks, I mean serious, did they discover the rocks secret muscle enhancing formula or what. You then bring Asuka away from them and say that she shouldn't go with those weirdos, which she replies like I'd be stupid enough to do that, and that how do you know they weirdos, plus they were only keeping her company until you came back. More like keeping her warm but whatever, ya darn wipers appears. Anyhow that's the end of that event, just random beach boys trying to pickup chicks to film some porn in the nearest bathroom. Happens in Japan all the time, that or they'll pee in your butt.
Get ripped in 60 days
Aka Manto
This next event is where Asuka mention girls in school were talking about a ghost, 2nd lieutenant then suggests various Japanese school ghost stories and one of them actually happened to be funny. He mentions Aka Manto and Asuka replies, "isn't that a pervert", a reference to the 1991 porn game where it revolves around someone using the ghost story as away to grope the shit out of anything that moves in a school, because bathrooms, get it, or at least id like to think that's what they're referencing. Anyhow, there's an odd looking Misato in that game, so all Evangelion character designs came from porn after all, that explains a lot.
I knew you were a whore, incoming fan hate in 3, 2, 1...
Anyhow, it shouldn't be long before I start translating the endings, so until then.


  1. Liked your references and your Rock joke XD. Beach event seems a little lack luster though. Thought there would be more friction between you and the other men. Also I'm looking forward to the ghost event since it seems to be funny :3. From what I've read you seem to like Rei more than Asuka bu the programmers put more effort into Asuka's route. Which route are you enjoying more?

    1. Yea, I always wanted to make those references, especially the rocks secret muscle enhancing formula. I really wish the beach boys event was to say, more eventful, they never even tried to generically manhandle Asuka causing you to beat they up or something, a waste of potential.

      About which I enjoyed more, I would say Asuka. Rei's kinda pissed me off every now and then as seen in my rants months ago, they botched up the ending and didn't allow us to save Rei from the Angel or stop Ritsuko destroying the dummy plug plant. Overall, a good game but it's heavily flawed. Then again, I tend to nitpick.

    2. I wouldn't think a nitpicker could even finish Evangelion with any hair left his head. Anyway, I'm trying to unlock the PC endings, and I guess I'll start the ones that are just 'What? WTF!?". So do you know the stat distributions for ganguro(or Mr. Popo/Jynx, if that helps), dominatrix, and... um... French maid with an Uzi?

    3. The russians had a pdf that I put through google translate, it has the requirements for the PC endings.