Sunday, 7 December 2014

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Blu-ray DVD comparison part 2

Alright, I decided to do another comparison since Nekogoroshi-hen was also with the first season, and I just had to do the ladder scene and a few others for further comparison. Anyway, I'll drop those below so check them out if your interested.

Now, another reason I wanted to check out Nekogoroshi-hen was due to the fact it was drawn in the style of the second season, and thus it should give us an idea on what that release will look like. That said, I'm deeply saddened, because, it's also an upscale, shattering my hopes for a 1080p release. I kinda knew it would be so but I'll hold off on final judgment until I get my hands on the Blu-ray of the second season. Also, notice how some of the details on Keiichi's and the other kid's faces in the 3rd pic, see how the sweat and whatnot is actually visible unlike very faint in the DVD version, I just wanted to point that. Anyway, thank you for checking out out my comparison and you'll find the download link for the images below.

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