Friday, 5 December 2014

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Blu-ray DVD comparison part 1

I actually didn't notice somebody put up a 720p raw of the Blu-ray a few weeks ago, but damn does it look nasty. I already knew it was an upscale but I never expected something like this, the DVD looks better for crying out loud. Anyway, to demonstrate the terribleness I took some screenies for comparison, and yes, I chose the best. See below, Blu-ray left, DVD right...

Okay, it doesn't look that bad. Actually better in some places, although barely since they mostly used a sharpen filter and stretched the video. Anyhow, I really hate when you want to see the differences and then you end up having to do it yourself. I mean, somebody should have already, but then again, I doubt much people even cared about the Blu-ray release. But in the end, at least it ain't no Dragon Ball Z orange bricks I tell you that, because we all love anime insanely cropped. Anyway aside from an incoming DBZ DVNR DVD rant, I'll drop a link down below with all the pic's for download if you want them, both separate and together. So, thank you for checking my comparison out, and I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Really there is not much difference...
    And you know where can I find it? because I searched it and I could not find it. Thanks in advance :D

    1. Yeah, it was just an upscale. Anyhow, there was a torrent for it on nyaa so you might want to check there. However, it was only 720p last time I checked but I heard that people also did a 1080p rip not long after, so that might be there as well. If not, just check around the major anime torrent sites.

    2. Unfortunately I did not find in 1080p but I'll settle for 720p for now, and thanks again :D