Saturday, 7 February 2015

Terra Formars live action film adaption announced

Ugh, it seems the terrible has happened. Yes, a Terra Formars live action has been announced,and it will directed by none other than Takashi Miike. The idiot who brought us Zebraman, Ichi the killer, and such great classic's like two men form into a giant penis and kill another Dead or Alive 3. Spells success, doesn't it? Yeah, I'm sure it'll turn out great, just like all the other abominations Takashi Miike likes to fart out his stinky ass these days. Ugh, why am I getting such punishment, I did nothing wrong and my body was not ready, why!? This project spells disaster, what, are they just gonna cast Japanese actors for all the foreigners or change the entire mission to Japan solo? Probably will, and what about the actual roach men, CGI fest I'm guessing, or something along the lines of this.
It seems they've already started production on the porno spoof
We deserve better, not this shit. Tojo live action adaptations suck ass 99% of the time so what's the point, it only makes us cringe watching the things we love turn to utter shit. Take those god awful Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) live action movies for example, complete trash. But speaking about Miike himself, he's not a very good director. He only has a cult following and niche fan base who love to act as his personal fluffers and praise his works as masterpieces, like most Asian directors, Park Chan-wook anyone. I mean, Zebraman was fucking terrible and Miike actually made Zebraman 2 worse, however the fuck that happened, and Ichi the killer was a complete joke, I laughed my ass off watching that shit fest. He's just a moron, he may have made a few good movies in his time like Dead or Alive 1 & 2 but even then they still have problems and for the most part were all in the past. Now, he's just a washed up Tojo jerking dogs off for a living to pay off rent and for crabs infested hookers from Shinjuku. In short, I predict a shitfest like Gantz for the upcoming live action adaption of Terra Formars. And hurry up with new chapters and volumes of the manga ya lazy bum, scanlate faster! Johj johj johj johj johj!

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