Monday, 23 February 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 114 English Translation

It seems some people on batoto are getting pissed at me for "hijacking" the release of Terra Formars. That said, there is no such thing as scanlator "dibs" on any series whatsoever. Its very egotistical to think so and is a practice that needs to die. Anyone should be able to freely pick up anything because no scanlator group owns any series, the creator does. So its not some dude on the internet, and its certainly not me.

Heck, translation wise, mine and display: none;'s will probably end up very differently. For one, I tend to translate literally while they on the other hand don't, rewriting dialogues into "what cha" and "you guys". I don't intend to judge, but I never liked that about their translation. It always felt inaccurate and made me feel very skeptical about its accuracy. That said, maybe some people prefer it that way, and maybe some people don't. I for one don't, but if you do, then go ahead and wait for their release. I'm not forcing anyone to read mine, and I'm not "hijacking" anything. So go ahead and choose your preference. However, many people probably don't even care about any of this, and only want to read more of a series that they are interested in. I believe that's the majority, but because of this, some people think I am stealing their thunder by releasing it earlier than theirs, because nobody will notice or read theirs once released. If you think that, you have a very large, over bloated ego and presumably only care about the attention in which you receive. I for one on the other hand don't care about any of that, as I too only wish to read more of a series in which I enjoy. So I'm not doing this for any sort of attention, or anything of the like. I just hope that people understand that.

Now that I've got that out of the way, here's the next chapter of Terra Formars. I hope you enjoy it. Things from now on should be that much easier, as I won't have to painfully airbrush away anything thanks to the Spanish supplying me with clean images. All said and done, I appreciate the comments and messages I've been receiving. Thank you, and I hope you continue to support me along the way. Until next time.

P.S. - For those uploading to read online sites, please reupload all chapters if you could. There was a few fixes I did last time but mediafire stupidly duplicated the files rather than replace them (even though I clicked replace), although that's all fixed now. Thanks.


  1. dang go you. been loving these releases!

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  3. Thanks a bunch for the new release!
    From the reader point of view I prefer fast release though I collect all releases from groups that I follow. I do not know Japanese so I cannot judge which translation is true to the story. However I understand the feeling of "being hijacked". But it is as you said no group own the series. In the end it is up to the readers to pick the one they like.

  4. Thanks very much for the release. I don't think you did wrong thing, but it would be good, as long as you continue releasing new chapters until the end (lol)

    I would re-read displaynone if they release new volumes, because terra formars is good manga!

    1. They should still release theirs, I don't see why not since the volumes have those little bios at the end and the like.

  5. how come youre stealing something they are taking eras to release?

    you're doing a amazing job! keep up! :D