Saturday, 14 February 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapters 108-110 English Translation

I know some people may be pissed at what you're about to read, but I do have reasons, if you'll listen that is. Now, as you can tell from the title, yes, I am working on the next Terra Formars manga chapters. That said, if you know me, you probably have a good idea how I'm going about doing it. Well, for those who don't know (meaning everyone), it is a machine translation, and a translation of a translation at that. Yeah, say what you will, but the Spanish are already 6 chapters ahead. So, I got the idea of translating their release and fixing up the dialogue so it flows better for a quick and dirty read for those who want to jump ahead. More reasons, see below:
  1. I'm bored.
  2. I need experience in manga scanlation for future projects.
  3. I want to read more Terra Formars, like now and I'm sure some others do to.
  4. It'll be over a month until display: none; releases the next volume, which the Spanish will be past soon enough.
  5. Chapter 108 was released last August, which shows just how long these events have already happened and how far readers outside Japan are behind.
  6. Did I mention I was bored?

Now, this isn't meant to replace anything. It'll just be there for those who want to read ahead chapter by chapter as opposed to waiting longer for the volume release by display: none;. That's all, so try not to judge too harsh. Anyhow, it still takes time to do this sort of thing as opposed to what some may think, see below:
  • Typing up the Spanish text is time consuming, and OCR is useless
  • Airbrushing is required, which is also time consuming
  • Translating, time consuming, too. And no, an auto dump from Bing or Google doesn't cut it.
  • Typesetting, again time consuming

That said, I'll try my best to work as fast as I can. So much that I'm already dipping deep into Higurashi Rei time, not that I care. It'll be done whenever, because for one translating large amounts of JP text drives one to the brink of feckin insanity, especially when its a visual novel, so a break into something else is necessary. That, and I'm starting to get bored with Higurashi (not enough doujinshi). Anyhow, I hope some people appreciate my efforts. This isn't easy for me as it is my first manga project, but I should improve over time with feedback and natural learning. That said, you'll find the links for Terra Formars chapters 108-110 below. And I'll be releasing the following chapters when they're done (already typed up the Spanish for Chapter 111 and half way through 112), so I won't be sitting on anything after its finished. Enjoy!

I have already tried contacting the Spanish translation group many times about forwarding me their PSD files, but it seems they're not responding. Erm, I guess its tedious airbrushing then. Fuck!


  1. Thanks for the release!
    The translation is not that bad. I can follow the story though subtlety is lost a bit.
    Hope to read the next chapter soon.

    1. Yeah, I would translate from Japanese if I could, but typing up Kanji is one of the most time consuming tasks ever. Especially if you don't have a Japanese keyboard and know Japanese. Anyhow, thanks for your comment. It's much appreciated, and I should have the next chapter out later on today. Airbrushing is very time consuming, but some of the following chapter won't require as much as one's already done.