Friday, 20 February 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapters 112 & 113 English Translation

Great news guys, it seems we worked it out. Long story short, I just have to add a little credit and note onto the credits page and bam! I get the clean images for the future chapters, which they have already started doing with 115. However, by the time I asked, they had already deleted all the previous ones, so I still have to airbrush up until 115. But! I think thats worth it because things will become far smoother there onward. That said, I'm also starting to translate from Japanese now. That'll be from 112 onward (this chapter), so accuracy to the original text should be that much better. Anyhow, I also made a few edits to some of the pre-existing chapters (108-111) as I clumsily made a few mistakes. All said and done, I hope you enjoy the next two chapters of Terra Formars! Until next time!

P.S. - What about honorifics? Any thoughts on where ever I should include them? Also, I updated the downloads for chapters 108-111 with the fixes I mentioned, just FYI. I hope those who uploaded them to read online sites notice this, as I'm guessing they already did without realising they had no changes due to stupid mediafire duplicating the files rather than replacing them even though I clicked replace. Anyhow, that's fixed now.