Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Castlevania Symphony of the Night (Dracula X) Sega Saturn Disc Pictures

I actually meant to post this mid last year but I completely forgot about it. It was during the time when I was checking out the Sega Saturn version of Dracula X, in-where I tried to see how to access the text for a potential translation, tried a bunch of things and miserably failed. That said, I noticed some uncompressed pictures of the games character artwork (in BMP and with one featuring nudity, may I add) simply lying in a folder, and I gotta say they look pretty amazing. Yeah, I know they're nothing new but I just really appreciate the artwork. Also, they are in a resolution that wasn't even available on the system which is very odd seeing what would be the point in leaving them be. I mean, did they actually expect someone to look at the disc on a PC? Maybe, but who cares about that. You guys (if anyone actually reads this and doesn't skip right to the download) just want to see the pics. So, knowing that, you can find the link below. Enjoy!


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