Sunday, 5 April 2015

Dead of the Brain English Translation Interest

Well, as you can tell from the title, this is a game that I am interested in translating in the future. That said, let me give you some info on it. Its a retro 90's Japanese adventure game that has zombies in it. What's not to like? Did I mention its short? Another bonus. Anyhow, if I ever do get around to translating it, I would do the PC-98 version of the game and not the FM Towns one with better sound quality which I had originally planned. That's due to a problem where the game crashes when you change any of the text, for some reason. I just wanted to test and see if text can be changed in both, and it does for the PC-98 version so I know it can be done if I ever get around to it. Also, before any work can be done, I would have to build a table for the game and correctly recognize the kanji since it is sorta bitty, which would take some time. Remember, the entire library of characters could be (or should I say is) in a retro tile based PC game so that's another problem. All said and done, I would like this to be one of my projects in the future. Anyhow, I'll also be announcing my main translation soon, but you can probably guess what it's gonna be. Here's a hint, something to do with being cruel to someone's thesis on angels.

Thank the good chaps on 4chan in the retro JP video games thread for letting me know about this gem. It looks really fun and so does its sequel and Marine Philt, another game made by the same game company except it has an Alien like enemy instead of zombies. I hope to bring this game and its related games to light someday in the future, hopefully.

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