Monday, 6 April 2015

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2nd English Translation Announcement

Well, there you have it, Girlfriend of Steel 2 (or the Iron Maiden 2nd) is my next translation. Although I'm guessing you already knew that judging from my interests and such. However, it was either this or Ayanami Raising Project on the PC, which I do plan to translate eventually just so you know and I've actually already started on it, kinda. That said, I didn't expect Asuka's ass in my face (it totally jumped out of the screen) the moment I started the darn game, and I already knew there was fanservice in it but I never expected this. I mean, has Gainax really gone that low? Stupid question, I know. Enter Mari "the semen demon" joke here. Anyhow, her butt hits the screen right after it says "Gainax Presents", as if "Gainax presents Asuka's butt". That's probably the title of a doujinshi knowing Evangelion fans. Jab jab jab.
I can see the 4chan topic's right now.
"I want to sniff Asuka's butt"
"I want Asuka to sit on my face"
Anyway, sadly this Eva game isn't on the serious side, but more of a slapstick comedy, for some reason. However, hopefully it's funny and not stilted as I really wouldn't want to translate something that irritates me. That said, it's based in the alternate world seen in the final episode of the show, and is a dating sim/visual novel style game with only two endings, although there are a few silly game over ones like Robocop Shinji. That said, the two main endings are one Rei and the other Asuka, with no variation may I add. Anyhow, that's all I've got to say so I'll just end things here. And I hope people are interested in a translation of this game. I mean, who wouldn't? It's Evangelion, after all. Also, I recorded a video for some testing purposes and so you guys can see something ingame. Enjoy!

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