Monday, 20 April 2015

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2nd Progress Update - 20th April 2015

It hasn't been that long since I started this translation, but i just wanted to do a little progress update for those who are interested. That said, things have been going pretty good, and I've done up until the part you choose who to go with to the Artificial Evolution Laboratory, and the free roam section for the Kaworu choice, and all of his free roam in the Artificial Evolution Laboratory, too, and I've just started on Rei’s. Granted though, that not all the dialogue in this game is voiced, or at least for the non-event scenes for Shinji, like the free roam look, talk and such text, and there is quite a bit of that since there are many locations and places to visit, and they all have their own look and talk text, with more of it when you revisit later after story scenes. I like that, since it becomes rewarding to be thorough in the free roam sections of the game. However, all characters except Shinji during those type of events and such are voiced, so that's good. Also, it is annoying that I have to manually line break (so this doesn't happen) every line of text for this game since it doesn't do it on its own, because Japanese doesn't need too. So, I have to count the number of letters and line break when necessary for every line of text, which does become time consuming in its own right.
Anyhow, the game so far has been entertaining, which is a good thing. Originally, I thought it would be bad, but that was just me being negative about everything as usual. But there is a lot of roaming about (which gets annoying) in this game, so its not that straight forward unless you know what you're doing or have a walkthrough handy. That said, I expect what it has to offer to be suffice. Also, Ritsuko is being quite a pedo in this one. That 'physical checkup' she gives you is kinda odd, seeing her various questions, her face and the fact that Shinji has his shirt off the entire time. Lewd. I just hope this doesn't give people more doujinshi ideas, or do I? Furthermore, notice the Prince of Tennis reference. Nice, Gainax. That got a chuckle out of me. Anyhow, this was just a little update so I'll end things here, but I will be recording some videos sooner or later, so stay tuned for those and keep a lookout on my Youtube channel for when I do. See ya!

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