Thursday, 14 May 2015

Review: Devilman Lady Volume 1

Hmm, I'm kinda pissed at Devilman Lady. I mean, the story so far that I've read has been great (Vols 1-5) and all but there doesn't have to be so much goddamn rape and sexualization. I'll get to that soon, but first, let me give you a brief introduction. Now, Devilman Lady is a gender flipped version of the original Devilman with it's stories being in a serial monster of the week TV style nature (which I really like) as opposed to teh plot. Each chapter is a self contained story which I really appreciate, with it just being connected to the overall plot since it features devil beasts (or beast) and the like. That said, it's great at what it does, but the thing that seriously annoys me are "parts" of what shape the stories. Now, since the main character is a woman, a lot of writers tend to change the stories to women related topics, like rape for example. Yeah, because the only thing women face in life is the possibility of getting raped, or being forced into prostitution, right, Japan? Not gender biased roles, discrimination in the workplace, domestic violence (not sexual, Japan), social injustice, and much, much more. Sigh. Because a good bunch of the stories in Devilman Lady are the former, and I'll get into that as I go through each one individually.
I like big butts and I can not lie.
You other brothers can't deny.
Furthermore, it's not only the above that gets on my nerves, as there are also way too many pointless close ups and shots of characters breasts, butts, groin hair, and monster dicks foaming cum. Yeah, because that last one is really necessary. And the monsters foam streams of it just at the sight of women, before any sexual act to stimulus such a reaction occurs. Realism, people! Or, nudity in general. There's so much that Devilman Lady qualifies as a hentai with plot, which is kinda what it is. Though, not that any of the nudity is over excessively detailed or explicit, but there is still a bit too much. Furthermore, their is kinda a reason for that, as the devil beasts are a little different from the demons in Devilman. To simplify things, instead of craving just violence and destruction, they also have an insane sexual appetite that causes them to rape a lot, which is shown many times throughout Devilman Lady, though only male devil beasts. Where's my ugly ass female monsters raping men for their magical elixir or monster dudes raping other dudes, Nagai? Where's the realism? Oh wait, because ugly ass monsters with 5 meter dicks raping women is a Japanese fetish. Because the more disgusting (poop being one of them) the sexual act or the things involved (monsters or dogs for example), the more sexually appealing it is to the Japanese. And that's a fact. But I'm sure it's part of Devilman Lady's "depth", things like this usually are.

Granted though that the artwork is very nice which is a major bonus. I love Nagai's style. It's really great. However, he can't really draw breasts correctly, as they do look like giant basketballs for the most part. Also, Asuka (Ryo's counterpart for Devilman Lady) looks like a freaking transvestite. Though, there is a reason for that as I read on 4chan. Eww. Anyway, she should look more like an actual woman, like how Ryo was done as a man, in-where they reveal the change later where his looks change to a more feminine appearance. Anyhow, I just wanted to comment on the artwork and such, seeing how I'm mostly gonna be talking about the plot.

Chapter 1 - She awakens
Here we are introduced to the lovely and very attractive yet stupidly naive, Jun Fudo. A teacher working at a Japanese high school, who manages a few clubs, is a former Olympic athlete in swimming and has a younger brother who peeps (because Japan) on her... I fucking hate that trope. Because incest is just so fucking hot, right!!!!? Ahem. Now, she goes on a trip with her tennis club (both boys and girls) to a log cabin in the mountains, and that is where shit gets really messed up. They unpack and settle themselves in, but they're not alone, as a Judo team comprised of adult men from some famous school are next door. Then, later on in the day at night, the girls and Fudo (all the boys are tired and hit the sack early) gather around a fire outside and talk about their teacher and her past. But they are not alone, as the men from the judo team approach and ask would they like to have some fun. Though, the scanlators stupidly left a TL note for those under the age of 10 who don't understand that they mean sex. Stupid. If you can't even tell that, then what the hell are you reading this for? Anyhow, the judo men say that Fudo's "breasts are angry", which it then shows her clothes see through and her nipples are erect. Because she just wants to have sex with those random, burly, tank-like strangers. Japan, the country that thinks women want to get raped. Because if they are excited or enjoy it, the action is justified. Japan. Yeah, I know I just took that scene out of context, but this is Japan we're talking about. And seeing how Nagai's stories have changed since after he got married in the 80's, I am assuming that all of this shit is just him being a pervert. That, and he's Japanese. Therefore, my assumption is correct.
Call me evil but I laughed at this part
Anyhow, before anything happens, giant bats attack (because reasons) and the judo team go crazy at the scent of blood, but start to eat the bats. Things are not as they seem! Fudo and the girls escape into their cabin and they apply bandages to their wounds, and Fudo takes a shower and masterbates. Again, there is a reason. Goddamn stop that, Nagai! Then, a window is heard being smashed on the floor above. Fudo tells the girls to hide themselves in the nearby room as she goes to investigate, but not before she gropes herself on the way up the stairs. Wait, what!? Again, there is an explanation. Though, anyone reading this should already know and have read this manga. That said, she steps into the boys room, and sees a monster eating them. She turns and runs down the stairs, and witnesses something very horrific.
I highly doubt you want to see the rest of the image
Now, before I go into this scene, I'll let you know that I flipped my fucking shit and if you are a normal person like me, you should, too. If you're not and really messed up, you probably jacked off like some little Japanese shit. Hey, you are what you are. Don't blame me for pointing it out. That said, let's continue. She runs down the stairs and sees all the girls spread out on the floor, getting brutally raped by monsters. She tries to attack a monster with a knife (realistic reaction) but it grabs Fudo, and proceeds to rape her, too. She screams, naturally, but something begins to change within her. Her body then goes under a transformation (while being raped) and she becomes Devilman Lady. Now, I'll have to bring you out of this little summary and talk about the scene in question. Seriously? Instead of the typical transform by anger, you changed it to rape, Nagai!? Way to beat the trope, you sick fuck. I mean, this is just absurd. Let's apply this to real life, shall we? Because if you get raped in real life, don't worry ladies, you'll transform and save yourself. Fuck you, Japan. Again, I know I'm taking things out of context but this does not need to be in the story. And this is Japan we're talking about! I think we know the real intention behind all this bullshit... fetish and Nagai being a perv!!

Anyway, she transforms and first chops off the monsters dick (classy, enter reanimator joke) and then kills the rest. Then, mysterious soldiers run into the building and a also mysterious woman explains a few things. One being that she is Devilman Lady. End! A good start, but I don't think "that" was really necessary.

Chapter 2 - Door of Mistery
Now, this chapter was pretty nice. It covers the aftermath of the ordeal, and all that jazz. Fudo's father also arrives and explains a great deal about the devil beasts, and why she transformed, since him and her mother experimented on her when she was a child, and a bunch of other stuff. It's very nicely paced and flows really well. Good job, Nagai. I have no problems with this chapter... other than a few things. The schoolgirls that were raped were all saved (not my complaint), but one had their neck broken, presumably by one of the monsters. I'm just gonna guess during... yeah... goddamn you, Japan. Anyway, the HA (Human Alliance) covered up the entire event and faked the media that it was a fire that claimed the lives of those who perished, memory wiped the few survivors (except Fudo). However, I doubt they can wipe away the fact that the girls who were raped (including Fudo) are most presumably pregnant due to what happened (also since the devil beasts have been doing that) and their assholes and such (for lack of a better term, what, do you want me to use anus) were stretched by the monsters monstrous 5 meter... yeah... I think you know where I'm going. Anyway, what I mean is that the above isn't something that can simply be forgotten, yet it is neither mentioned or brought up. What went wrong there, Nagai? Where you too busy jerking off? That said, my only other complaint is mid-way through, it teases the rape of Fudo in the form on another teacher who works at the same school proclaiming that he will "rape and eat her".
Classy Nagai
Now, if you made it to the end of all this, I thank you. If you didn't, then fuck off already. Just joking. No seriously, fuck off. Hee hee. Anyhow, this little post (or huge should I say) just served to blow off some of the steam (have I used enough brackets yet) that was caused by reading this thing of a manga. And just in case you're wondering, I do plan on doing the same with the rest of this manga. Thank you for reading, and I'll see you next time.