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Review: Devilman Lady Volume 2

It seems an anon of 4chan noticed my previous post, and he was kinda pissed. That said, I actually didn't comment on Lady's design or the themes last time, so I'll do that in this post. Now, I actually like Lady's design. Its got the right amount of hair in the right amount of places, though the crotch hair is kinda odd since it looks like she's just running around nude (which she is), unlike actual Devilman where his entire lower half is hair. However, Lady would probably be a turn off and look totally freaky if she had as much hair as Devilman, with her entire lower half covered. Eww. Just the thought makes me tingle. Anyhow, the theme. Lady from what I've seen so far is about the natural lust and desire that people have for power and sex (more so the former), and the things that they will do to attain either, which is the exact reason why people turn into devil beasts. Let me explain, in Lady, there is a certain gene inside us humans which has existed since the dawn of time. It is a gene that causes us to adapt to our current situation and environment and evolve accordingly to deal with it. Meaning, that those who desire power in whatever form that may be, will evolve (transform) to gain said power. However, this doesn't just happen to anyone but it is to more and more people year on year.
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring
Oh, baby I wanna get with ya
And take your picture
My homeboys tried to warn me
But that butt you got
Make Me so horney
Ooh, rump of smooth skin
But here are where things get complicated. Humans themselves have a natural drive to want more, more money, more possessions, more things. They're never satisfied with what they have and always hunger, which in turn means that it is enviable that people will turn into devil beasts until their number outmatches regular people. That is brought up, which is why it's important that Fudo remains a devilman and they (the HA) find a permanent solution since the BB enzyme is only a temporary plan, I think. That said, there's something else that I'd also like to bring up. I mentioned last time that the monster rape was not necessary, but what I didn't mention is that it kinda is since it serves to further emphasise the savagery of the devil beasts, like an anon of 4chan said when I mentioned the rape in the thread on /m/. Though, anon-kun also mentioned that Nagai was probably jerking off while drawing it, so there's that to consider as well. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that only those who desire power and act on it (murderers, rapists and the like) turn into devil beasts. Which got me thinking that the devil beasts themselves could be an analogy to real world criminals, as they are people who commit acts that would be considered inhumane, hence why they transform into something that isn't human as that is what separates us from them. So if you look at Devilman Lady from that perspective, it can be seen in a whole new light. It's worth a thought.

Chapter 3 - High School Teacher
I've got quite a bit to say about this one so grab yourself some popcorn or something. This chapter is about a rapist pig of a teacher who is prostituting his students to old men for money. It starts out with a young girl at school approaching a teacher after helping her study, but he transforms, grabs her and it cuts. Then, it cuts to who I think is the same girl but presumably some time later at a coffee shop with a different appearance (I'm confused), who is called over to some ugly bugger and then it cuts to them fucking. He likes it weird so he tells her to try to resist and run (a fetish of his, I presume) which she does, but he grabs her and continues. After he is done, he comments that she wasn't half bad, says he will ask for her next time and leaves.
These full page spreads always creep me out
It then cuts to Fudo coming back to school for the first time since those students died on her field trip. She meets and greets, but that creepy, perverted, old teacher who I forgot to mention in the first volume acts a creep again, though another teacher comically pushes him aside and talks to Fudo. They walk out of the staff room and into the corridor, where they bump into another teacher called Okawa, who expresses his condolences over what happened at the lodge Then, that girl from the coffee shop appears and needs to talk to the teacher, so they walk off together. Guess who the bad guy is? Fudo says that he is nice, though the other teacher tends to disagree and comments that he is "cunning like a fox" (you mean sly like a fox? Stupid scanlators), and that she shouldn't trust him. Fudo disagrees and laughs it off like the naive idiot she is, though the other teacher calls her naive in return. See, I'm not the only one who thinks she's naive. Stupid Fudo, can't she see people only play nice to get what they want. Then, it cuts away for a moment to the teacher and student. She says she wants to stop, but he insists she shouldn't, because she is popular with the "clients" and that it would put him in a difficult situation. But she still wants to stop, yet Okawa says he loves her and it cuts. Oh, scary.
He may be a rotten bastard, but man does
he know how to tip. Ice cream, bitches!
Now, I'm very curious about this "operation" he's got going because it doesn't exactly show us that he has more girls in his "service" other than the one we see, though I guess you could say it's implied. Stop dropping the ball, Nagai. You could have had a different girl come to him and ask to stop, because at least then we could guess the scale of his terror. Anyhow, it cuts away to Fudo teaching a class for a moment, then back to the rapist and girl who are now having sex, or forced sex more like it for a page. Yeah, because love = sex. Japan. Then, back to Fudo at the end of the school day, at the Tennis Club. However, Okawa is watching her from a window in the school. Shock! Then, Fudo hits the showers after a sweaty day, only to be confronted by Asuka, who teleports in, gives her a BB gun (Beast Buster. It turns them back into human), and explains that there is a devilbeast in the school and he is aiming for her. Shock! Who could it be! Then, Asuka vanishes. Thanks a lot, bitch.

However, Fudo doesn't want to transform since she doesn't want to become more like a beast, so she's runs into the showers and lays in wait with her BB gun. Then, the rapist approaches, taking off his clothes while walking towards the changing rooms. He enters and sniffs her underwear. Then, he enters the showers themselves and begins opening each stall one by one. However, Fudo springs out and pumps a few BB bullets into him. The beast stumbles but gets a good hit on Fudo, who drops her towel, causing the beast to become fully erect within an instant. He lifts her up and almost mounts her ass on his dick, but the BB bullets take effect and he begins to untransform so she is saved from being raped a second time. Then, he runs out of the room but Fudo doesn't follow. Asuka appears and tells her to finish him off, but she refuses, citing "he is still human". Again, very stupid and naive of her. Asuka tells her that he will simply retransform and come back a second time, and that if she doesn't take him out, he'll continue to "abuse" other teachers in the showers. Wait, what!? He's been raping teachers in the showers (who even uses school showers... eww) but nobody has said or done anything about it?
So Fellas (yeah) Fellas (yeah)
Has your girlfriend got the butt (hell yeah)
Well shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake that healthy butt
Baby got back
How Japanese. Jokes aside, I'm sure in any other country (in the civilized world) that people would come forward and get the rapist pig thrown in jail, but this is Japan we're talking about. A country that shuns aside rape and tries to hide the fact that it happens in their country. So much that there is a media blackout (unless it was an American) anytime that it happens, and the fact that those who get raped in Japan try it forget it ever happened in the first place, because their lives would be ruined if they had to face reality and actually report the darn crime. That, and like many other backwards countries around the world, if someone is a victim of rape, they think that nobody will want them (marriage, long term things) because they have been defiled and thus aren't "pure" (virgin) so they pretend it didn't happen and don't report. Hence the whole protect our pure "flowers" thing Japan has, because you are seen as if you don't exist if you have been "taken", so people pretend the whole ordeal never took place. That said, Japan is socially and culturally backwards in every aspect.

Now, since I got my little rant out of the way, let's continue. As Asuka said, Okawa charges back into the room transformed. Thus, a fight ensues! They battle in what is a nicely done scene, with it being well drawn and paced. You can tell what is going gone, and the panels flow real well. And that's what I like about Lady. The story flows from panel to panel like an actual anime episode, which is unlike most manga that I have read. Good job on that, Nagai. You deserve a pat on the back, and a punch in the face. I'll get to why in a minute. They battle for while but Fudo refuses to transform which causes the both of them to become injured. Okawa advances toward Asuka and begins to rape her... because devilbeasts. Though, since they were fighting and getting knocked about the place, she is not fully conscious but laying on the ground with her eyes closed when the monster sits on top of her, ready to rape. She then opens her eyes and begins to scream as he starts to rape her. Very horrific. Then, Fudo comes to her senses after seeing that Asuka is getting raped and begins to transform while masterbating... I hope she's not turned on (devilbeast genes, people) by what she sees. Eww. Anyhow, Asuka is still getting raped while Fudo is transforming. However, Fudo quickly becomes Lady and begins to fight Okawa. They battle and jump around the place. But Asuka tried to help and picks up her gun. Though, due to the violent, very forceful rape she underwent, she finds it hard to stand.
I guess that's his O Face
Now, I guess you could say "realism" but I felt very uncomfortable reading this part. Though, you could say that is its intention. Remember, to emphasise the brutality and savagery of the devilbeasts. But this is Japan we're talking about. A country which I'll stop myself from going on another tangent. Ha! Expected one, didn't you? Anyhow, Asuka manages to stand and gets a few shots into the monster, so he untransforms and runs off. However, he doesn't get too far as that student he was whoring out stabs him with a knife. Thus, the chapter comes to a close with a shot of him lying on the ground covered in blood.

Overall, this was a very good chapter. It was well written, well paced and well drawn in terms of Nagai’s artstyle since there’s more or less no quality (look up the term) when it comes to him, just his artstyle. Though, I am always pessimistic every time rape or something very sexual is involved since a lot of writer insert it in an attempt to create an "adult" story. That said, it's always male devilbeasts committing the rape on women, even though there are female devilbeasts but they are never shown raping, or so far I've read that is. Then again, they'd probably just put it girl on girl action because dude on dude is like gay. And yes, I know how that sounds. Anyhow, the chapter was great. Go read it.

Chapter 4 - Wings of Darkness
Now, I don't really have much to say about this chapter other than the few things that I didn't like and some info. The start off, here's a brief summary. It's about an idol, strange bird-like attacks in the city, and the aftermath of the previous chapter at the start of the chapter. There, Asuka tells Fudo that Okawa was shot to pieces like cheese by the HA soldiers. She laughs which gets Fudo real annoyed, since he was human. Yeah, I think you've seen enough so far to judge if he was "human" or not, Fudo. Stop being naive! Also, since Fudo was upset over Asuka laughing, Asuka doesn't hesitate to rub in her face that because she hesitated in her fight with Okawa, she was raped. Yeah, that one's on you, Fudo. Stupid bitch. Anyhow, bird-like attacks happened in the city, so our heroes try to track it down using Asuka's telepathic abilities. Oh, by the way, she can teleport and home in on nearby devilbeasts. Then, they find it attacking a lady who has half her clothes ripped off instead of actually being eaten or killed. Nagai being a pervert again, I presume. They empty a few BB shots into it and the creature flies off. Also, the idol reminiscences about her mother while the fat fuck eats at a table like the pig she is. She remembers that she use to be beautiful before her "American" father left her for another woman. Fuck you, Japan. Don't try to put Americans in a bad light just because you lost WW2. Grow up! Ahem.
Who wouldn't want Big Jim Slade as their father
Our heroes track it to an apartment, specifically the idols apartment. Shock! They head up to the room and enter to confront the beast who is now untransformed due to the BB bullets. However, the idol also transforms! Shock! Then, a fight ensues! Lady battles outside in the air while Asuka inside. The latter fights the fat fuck (she transforms again) and most of her clothes get ripped in the process. Because realism. Stop that, Nagai. Pointless nudity won't gain you any recognition. Oh wait, this is Japan we're talking about. Asuka grabs a vase with her breasts drenched in blood (Nagai!) and smashes it off the pig's head, killing her. However, Fudo manages to get some BB into the idol and she eventually untransforms. Then, the chapter ends soon after that. Though, they mention that the idol will be okay and return to normal. Overall, it's a good chapter but it could have done without those few negative things that I mentioned. Other than that, it's good but nothing special.

Again, thanks to those who made it this far through my heaps of text. Though, I’ll try not to post the entirety of what happens in the future. I just do to give some context so you guys can at least have an idea of what I'm talking about. Also, I know it says review, but I'm not much of a critique so don't expect well thought out posts about Devilman Lady. That said, thanks for reading and I'll see you next time.


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    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I always prefer stuff like this as opposed to weather report reviews.