Friday, 1 May 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 123 English Translation

Well, I'm glad things are progressing in the story. Terra Formars does love to explain abilities and the like for an entire chapter here and then while pausing events, but that kinda gets annoying for me since I want the plot to progress. However, it seems that next time Jet and Akari will go at it (and not in that way) next time, so it better be good or else I'll be 200% mad. That said, I hope you enjoy this chapter. Until next time.


  1. You guys should consider uploading to an online reader sooner. If I DL them, I have no way to read them besides something like MS Paint, which takes forever to load each image. Just a thought. Thanks for the chapter :)

    1. More guy rather than guys seeing how it's just me. Anyhow, I would upload to online sites but it seems they've locked users adding chapters of Terra Formars, which I presume it has been like that since forever. Then again, new chapters are added the same day I do them or the following, so that's not much of a problem.

  2. Thank you for new chapter. One more thing. mangafox is not working very well. I had to download to read chapter at normal pace.

    Thank you once again and i usually have trouble sending comments.