Sunday, 7 June 2015

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2nd English Translation Chapter 1 Demo

Here is that demo I mentioned that I would release some time ago. It's just the first chapter of the game so it'll serve as a taster of sorts for the game and until the full translation is released. You only need to drop the files in the games directory, and overwrite the files to apply the patch. There's also a readme in the archive, so please read that and report any typo's or errors that you encounter in your playthrough of Chapter 1 to me. This is crucial, as it will help to correct mistakes that I may have overlooked during my own testing and playthroughs. Now, I hope you enjoy playing the game. Until next time.


  1. You are a star! Thanks for this got it intalled and patched all ok. Anu idea when you upload some more translated parts?

    1. Umm, you do know that I already finished translating the game, right? How did you miss that? I'll drop the link for it and the Kaworu ending patch below.

      Main 1.0 TL

      Side Kaworu Ending Patch