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Review: Devilman Lady Volume 3

Another two random stories, yay! That said, they are good, but like usual, they feature unnecessary sexual events. First up is a story about a boy who was bullied and turns into a devilbeast. Second is about some deaths connected to Fudo's training club from when she did sports, where she meets her old rival, who also turns out to be a devilbeast. Let's get started.

Chapter 5 - The Mouth of Truth
As I mentioned above, this chapter is about a boy who is being bullied and turns into a devilbeast. Though, the actual transformation happened before the beginning of the story, FYI. Anyhow, it begins at an arcade. A young boy runs out of money and leaves. However, a starfish shaped monster jumps down from above and kills him. Then, Fudo and Asuka are informed so they start to investigate. She attends school as usual, though not before taking a shower where her younger brother peeps on her. Because incest, it's fucking hilarious. Oh yeah, and fuck you, Japan. That said, nothing better happen between Fudo and her brother. Remember, her demon genes elevate her sexual aspects, and her brother lives in the same apartment. So it's just a matter of time before she tries to have sex with him (he probably wouldn't even mind. Japanese remember). I'm just saying. Anyhow, she enters and school building, but she is being watched by two fucking creeps who say she's hot and that she must be loaded with cash that they will try to take. Hurk hurk hurk. Because all teenagers are rapist pigs, though maybe in hentai and everyday Japan. Jab jab jab. Anyhow, a boy walks by and the rapist looking bully drops his knife and asks him to pick it up. He does so, but the bully acts like he's trying to threaten him, so the other bully tells him that some money would calm him down. Seriously, they really don't have to go through such an elaborate plan. They could just shake up upside down like a normal person.
Patty cake patty cake
With no hands
Got me in this club making wedding plans
If I take pictures while you do your dance
I can make you famous on Instagram
It then cuts to Fudo teaching and the boy enters the room with a few bruises on his face. Naturally, Fudo asks him what happened, but he says that he fell and the stupid bitch believes him. I mean, what kind of teacher are you if you can't even tell that a student of yours is being bullied? Wait, every fucking teacher! Ahem. Another teacher tells her that he is being bullied, to which she replies "what". What? That's all you've got to say? I mean, bullying is pretty common so why is she so naive? Or maybe that's how Nagai likes him women. You know, since many stories often reflect the writer's own feelings. Oh, while I'm on the subject, an anon of 4chan said that Nagai was going through impotence while writing Lady. So, from that, I concur that Nagai wrote in a lot of violence and rape against women because he couldn't get it up. Woah, says a lot about the writer himself, doesn't it? Blaming women because his tiny, Japanese dick wouldn't become erect. Wow. Nagai, what a man.

Anyhow, it skips to what is presumably later in the day to where the kid is getting fleeced again. However, Fudo confronts the bullies, or scum if you will. They say he's only paying back some money he borrowed, but Fudo is not amused so she asks if it is true, to which the bullied boy Mita replies, "yes". Fudo simply says, "okay", and that they just shouldn't be passing large amounts of cash in school. However, the lead bully tells Fudo that he wouldn't mind lending her some cash, and that he lives in an apartment alone. Yeah, realism. Students making advances on their teachers like a rapist. Only in hentai, and Japan. What, did a retard write this or something? Oh wait, he's Japanese! Ah ha ha ha ha!! Ahem. Yeah, because this scene was probably just Nagai fantasising (self inserting) about that guy banging her, with his tiny, Japanese dick. No wonder why all their women are being taken by Americans.

Ah, fuck!
Now, I was really pissed at this part because Fudo can't be that stupid and weak willed. I mean, if she can't stand up to bullies when they are fleecing a student, and not decline their "advances", then she should call it quits. Leave. She's already a terrible MC, and her only worth is shameless use of tits and ass, and getting raped every now and then. Yeah, that last one is kinda frequent. Japanese pigs. Kill them, kill them all! Erm, where did that come from? Never mind. Anyhow, those ugly fucks just walk away, leaving Fudo speechless. Yeah, she must really want his cock. I bet ya that's what's going on here. No seriously, what kind of person says nothing after someone half their age more or less said they want to fuck them? A Japanese woman. Though, I'm sure anyone else from a "developed country" would slap them in the face or at least say something. Gah, Japan is so annoying.
You know it's a manga when someone has DBZ hair
Anyhow, Fudo and Asuka check out the arcade that the kid who died at the beginning frequently used. They walk around, find some info, and find out that he mooched money off of Mita. However, Mita is also there, and they ask him if he indeed does he the dead kid, but he denies. Hmm, something is amiss! Because the manager told Fudo that he did. Oh, scary. They then head to the scene of the crime, and Asuka gets a vision of what the creature looks like and oh sweet fucking Jesus!! Damn you, Nagai. Don't scare me like that. They then fourth discuss at a random cafe. They always do this, and it looks so fashionable, too. However, the two creepers from school are watching from a distance, right before they leave. The creepers continue their talk outside, chatting about how "sassy" both Fudo and Asuka are. So, the thin creeper asks to the other, "do you want to do it?"."What", he replies. "Rape", the thin creeper says. Yeah, because that's just a natural reaction, and he says it so naturally, too. Well, he is Japanese. They are a people obsessed with rape, you know. Because, "tell me how big it is". Also, they sort of imply that they've raped before with the whole, "but she's a teacher", "we'd get expelled". Real smooth, Nagai. This part of the story was really necessary, or are you just trying to appeal to those readers who wanted to fuck their teachers? Yeah, because they're totally fine with anyone else, but a teacher? Damn, that's just like wrong.
That guys gonna need a new head
But the chubby prick chickens out and walks home. He reaches the door of his home and a giant mouth swoops down and chomps his fucking head off, spewing blood everywhere. Now, that was fucking awesome! I mean it, just see for yourself. Eww, nasty! The police soon arrive, but it appears that the paparazzi got there first. Heh heh, what a scoop! This causes some problems for the HA since the world is not yet ready to become aware of the devilbeasts. The following day, Fudo inquires about the main creeper to his teacher and tells him that he is bullying a student of hers. So he gets all riled up and says he'll do something about it. Yeah, I'm sure just talking to bullies and giving them a lecture will turn them around, right? It's not like you just punch them in the face until they die. Oh wait, you do! Oops. Where did that come from? Anyway, Fudo then passes by Mita (the boy being bullied) in the corridor, who is now talking to a girl. However, they part and head off, but the creeper rears his ugly head and inquires about this girl he knows. And I'm not liking where this one is going judging from his previous intention with Fudo. He asks if she's his girlfriend, but Mita says no, and the creeper tells him good since he is in "love" (rape) with her, and that he should "introduce" him to her. "Don't complain, it's not rape. I'm just spreading the love". Yeah, because Japanese thinks sex = love because it's the ultimate form of affection. So I'm guessing I Spit on Your Grave is the greatest love story ever told, then? Though, if you actually think Japan is right, then I'm afraid to say that you're an idiot. I went off topic again, didn't I? Asuka contacts Fudo and tells her that the police and paparazzi are in their way, since they are heading to the school because the creeper who died was from there. So she starts to search around to school, and Asuka arrives not long after.
A typical day in Japan
It then cuts to an abandoned room (realism) somewhere in the school, and the creeper now suddenly has more creepers (3 to be precise) all holding that girl Mita was talking to before down, attempting to gang rape her. Realism. Yeah, because it's not like somebody's gonna hear the ruckus they're making or anything. Oh fucking wait! Stop fantasising, Nagai! This entire situation is unrealistic as fuck! An empty room, and nobody can even hear them!? What, is it fucking soundproof!? Is this hentai!? Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! Jesus Fucking Christ! I feel like I need to hit someone!! Come here, Nagai! Burning!!! *Various punch and eye gorging sound effects* 
"It's the real thing". Did he expect something else?
Ah, all better. Ahem. Oh, too lewd for me, Nagai. What the fuck is wrong with you!? Are you that obsessed with rape you have to have at least one (even if only an attempt) in nearly every story? Gah, this is so fucking annoying! It's the main feature of many of the stories for crying out loud. So it's as if he expects the readers to tune in next time to see who else is gonna get raped. Yeah, way to build a fanbase for your oh so serious, adult story, Nagai. You Japanese retard. Hmph. Anyway, the creepers strip the girl down, and comment on her breast. "They're so bouncy"................ come again? Ah! Doesn't even matter! Moving on. They have her on a table and are stripping her down, and the lead creeper tells Mita that he can have a go, too, as a return gift, but has to go last. Eww. Sloppy seconds. The girls cries Mita's name but he doesn't respond, and keeps his back turned. It then stays on panels of her screaming and calling his name for a while before cutting back to the lead creeper, where he then complains about why is she begging for his help, when he was the one who brought her here. Yeah, what the fuck is wrong with you? Spineless fuck. Some "boyfriend", or whatever goes for one in Japan. Mita keeps his back turned until the lead creeper tells him that she's now totally naked, and drops her panties on his head. He then says that he likes to help people sometimes, so hee considering to let Mita go first. The other creepers says he ain't got it in him, and proceed to start a gropefest, but Mita charges past them without a word. They all think he's up for it, but he then says some mumbo jumbo and transforms into our monster of the week.
Behold my furry essence!
So Mita was the monster all along? Duh duh duh!!! What a shocker. Mita jumps around and starts to chomp the heads of the little shits off as they all try to run for the door, and Fudo and Asuka enter just as the last one (lead creeper) is killed, and only manage to dodge a head chomping themselves. The police enter the room, get a few of their heads chomped off, shoot at the creature a few times, and it runs out the window and up to the roof and escapes, never to be seen again. Though, right at the end, a chef puts food rubbish into a bin, and the bin then shakes. Oh, scary.

Anyhow, let's just go into why he was killing. Simple, they were bullying and mooching him for money. Wait, that's it? I've killed people for less. Oops. Banana slip! Now, the rapist creepers actually deserved it. They were scum who didn't deserve to live, so I've got no problem there. However, the kid at the start of the story "only" mooched him for money. It's not like he bullied him or was violent to him or anything. He just mooched money. "Hey, man. I'm all out of dough, lend me some, will ya?" It was probably something like that. Not, "Hey, man, give your fucking money or I'll rip your fucking eyes out!". See the difference? Now, what do I mean by all this may you ask? I mean, did the first kid even deserve death? The answer is no. No way in hell. Did you even think that one through, Nagai? Your character's reasoning for their actions is like swiss cheese, and you've been at it for over 40 years. You think you'd know how to write convincing and developed characters by now. Sheesh. "You mooched me for money, even though it's still my decision to give you it or not, but die anyway! Chomp!" Stupid Nagai. That said, Mita could have just lured the creepers into an empty room and killed them there. He didn't even have to give his "girlfriend", or just friend to them (because boys and girls can only be in a sexual relationship, it's not like they can "just" be friends), and thus that entire situation would never have happened. Oh, but then a pointless attempted rape would never have happened, nor would we have saw her tits. Priorities, I guess. Overall, like usual, this was actually a pretty good chapter. It kept the reader interested at all times and was very well paced. But like previous stories, it could have been done without the rape stuff. I mean seriously, stop thinking with your dick, Nagai.

Chapter 6 - The Rival
As usual, I've got a lot to say. It's mostly because Nagai likes to think with his dick, but I'll keep this one short. Anyhow, this story is about Fudo meeting her old sports rival again, who turns out to be a devilbeast. Shock! It starts off in the sewers where two workers (who also appear in a future story, FYI) spot multiple bodies in the water. So naturally, Asuka and Fudo are informed so they get to work right away. They find out their identities and also notice that they are all wearing torn swimsuits (because I need my dead bodies to show some skin and nipple god damn it) and are from the old sports club that Fudo use to use when she was a swimmer. She goes there, meets and greets, bla bla bla, and eventually finds herself in a battle against her old rival. It's a nice fight, and the story of this chapter is overall good, but there's just one thing that I think could have been changed. During this chapter, her rival flashes back to her childhood and she explains and we see why she has become the woman she is today. In short, she was raped by her step dad (but it's okay since they're not blood related, right) when she was 13 (I think) and that's why she now has a muscled body. 
See what I mean by basketballs?
Also, it's really stupid because he goes through some elaborate plan to rape her by making her think the swimsuit is from her mother, so she would undress and he would then come charging into the room. What, did he just want the element of surprise or something? These character back stories are just so realistic. Stupid Nagai. Stop writing shit into what could be great story's. Oh wait, he's Japanese. Rape is like breathing to them. Anyway, she was also groped since age 6 by her stepdad while her mother watched and did nothing, and he also tried to rape her in the shower when she was around that age, too. Because that's just how fucked up this world this!! But she kills her stepfather in a shark like attack with her powers sometime after he started to regularly rape her. Yeah, because just having rapists get what is coming to them justifies placing rape in stories. Idiots. We all know it's there for sick otaku fucks like Nagai to jerk off to. Anyway, it was a good story, featured some nice character development for Fudo, bla bla bla, but could have done without that sort of back story.
Friendly neighbourhood rapeman
Anyhow, I'll try to make my posts about Devilman Lady a lot shorter from now on since I take way too long to write them, that and the fact that I just finished reading this manga series a few days ago. That said, thank you for reading and I'll see you next time.

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