Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei v1.1 English Translation & Sui Patch

Now, I've had this in the works for some time (months), but I was tripling projects so it was hard to fit this in-between my weekly Terra Formars release and my main VN translation, Girlfriend of Steel 2. Also, I had to go through each line to add in quotations so going through the entire script again took freaking forever. Anyhow, I wanted to keep things quiet to surprise the community, unless you've been following my twitter and noticed that I've mentioned it and posted things related frequently. That said, this isn't just a Sui patch for Rei as I also fixed up some of the dialogue here and there and removed those pesky japanese brackets in favor of quotations, too. Yes, quotations, bitches! I couldn't have them before due to a technical issue, but I checked out the other arc that was translated years ago and noticed they had a little digit like this ' before each line so that the game wouldn't crash if a " was used instead of a JP bracket. Wish I knew that sooner.

Furthermore, I took the liberty of making various versions of the translation aimed at different types of people. Now, you are going to be puzzled by what you see in the archive, but I assure you, it is for everyone's benefit. That said, as I mentioned above, I took the liberty of making various versions of the translation aimed at different types of people. What do I mean by that, you ask? Simple. Since there are those who prefer honorifics and those who don't, I created different versions of the translation aimed directly at them. However, I also wanted to test things out and attempt translating the honorifics, so the folder called "Translated Honorifics" is just that. See this notes document for more. All said and done, you can choose to read the game in its original form, or with the PS3 sprites and backgrounds with either translation type. So pick your poison and place the script file from your desired way to read (folder) and place it where the onscripter exe is. Simple. Then use said exe to launch the game and read away.

Now, I'm very glad to get this off my back as I can now focus my efforts on other things. Terra Formars and Evangelion mainly. So yes! No more Higurashi! I'm free! Ah ha ha ha ha ha! However, if you encounter any errors or things that I may have overlooked, then please inform me right away so I can fix it. Have fun reading, and enjoy the patch. See ya!

Got a boom in views thanks to that reddit post. Didn't expect that.

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  1. I just finished playing through it and there were no issues to report whatsoever. Great work on that one pal.