Sunday, 5 July 2015

Mazin Go Jungle

If you're a fan of Nagai of sorts or at least browse /m/ on 4chan, then you might have noticed that a Dynamic Pro focused shop called Mazin Go Jungle has recently opened in Japan. It appears to be selling various goods like any store, but there are also some weird, funny looking Devilman glasses for sale at a staggering 24,000 yen. Sheesh. Expensive. I want one. But alas, one does not have such large coffers, nor coin to ascertain such passage to the Wano Kingdom. What a cruel world. Ahem. It's really neat looking and has a bunch of statues and posters everywhere about the place. Looks exciting, doesn't it? However, I do wonder if it'll even get any good business to stay afloat since Nagai doesn't really sell all that well these days, and the fact that it is all of old series from the 70's and the like so this does not bode well. Though the vending machine empire is present so I'm sure that'll at least bring in some dough, though not for Uncle Go. Japan sure love their vending machines, don't they? Cant live without them, no sir ree. Either or, I hope it does stay in business as more Nagai is always welcome. Anyhow, there's a thread on 4chan which has been posting pictures of the place, so check that out if you're interested.

Actually, it turns out that the shop has been there for over ten years selling a similar sort of items, but just that they rebranded it recently to Mazin Go Jungle. Thanks random Japanese dude in the 4chan thread for that info.

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