Thursday, 2 July 2015

Review: Go Nagai's Adaptation of Dante's Divine Comedy

Now, though most of this was lost on me, it was still enjoyable. That said, if you didn't know, this is an adaptation of Dante's Divine Comedy by Uncle Go. It follows the story for the most part, and adds/changes some things here and there as I have read. I haven't read the original story, so I don't know myself how this take on the story differs from the source. Anyhow, it is about a poet named Dante who is banished from Firenze (Florence) in Italy, wanders into a forest, gets cornered by animals, but is saved by a strange man who then tells him he has to enter hell. Either or, the jist of the entire story is that Dante must brave the horrors of hell and purgatory, and then inform the world above that it is where they will all end up if they don't be good little Christians. And that's that, or for the most part since I could only read up to chapter 25 (I think) because it wasn't fully scanlated. Grr! Anyway, onto my thoughts.

You can follow the plot good enough to have a brief understanding, but most of the dialogue is written in style of the original poem (a decision by the scanlator group even though it isn't like that in the Japanese) which can be hard to read and follow at times. Though it doesn't hamper the experience all that much. The art is Nagai, and the various sections of hell and purgatory are enjoyable and interesting to see and learn from. I mean, who doesn't love random human suffering and demons? That said, there are also various figures from history and from the current point in time which Dante is from that appear throughout the story in the various circles and levels of hell and purgatory, who tell their story to Dante. Interesting. Also, it was kinda funny and cruel to see that even those who have no faith are automatically shoved into hell after dying for not worshipping God. I mean, what an asshole. Make God strike me down. *Hides under blanket* No fire and brimstone? Good. Also, you may laugh, but I half expected to see Zenon sitting down there in the final circle of hell. Yes, I know. I've still got my Devilman head cannon on. Still, it was nice to see the circles of hell again as they are the exact same ones shown in Devilman Lady when Jun enters hell. Furthermore, the tale of Dante and various references to the original story are present in that arc of Devilman Lady, so it was nice to see the same visuals and connections again.

Anyhow, the idea of a man braving the horrors of hell is very interesting in itself, so I would recommend this to those who have an interest in this sort of thing,or even just Nagai fans. Though those not used to his art style will probably be turned off to reading the entire thing and the fact that it wasn't fully scanlated may also turn people off, so only Nagai fans need apply. All said and done, though it may not be the most spectacular thing ever made, I would still recommend this people to read or at least check out, so go ahead and do that if you're interested.

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