Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 129 English Translation

Hmm. I'm not too satisfied with this chapter. Some of the dialogue doesn't quite flow well, a few lines I found hard to understand, and as usual my typesetting skills suck. However, I did send the lines that confused me off to a friend of mine, but he didn't respond so I just went ahead with what I did since I really didn't want to wait any longer. Though I can always patch things up at a later date if need be. Anyhow, there was a shit ton of airbrushing I had to do for this chapter which took many hours on end. It pains me even more so since I have to do everything myself to get even a single chapter out:

  • Character recognition
  • Translating
  • Redrawing
  • Typesetting

And in that order. The first one is stressful since I have to use those filthy online scans to read and recognize the characters to build a word document of the chapter. Meh. Makes me wish I had actual help with this, because then I'd be able to either work more on my other projects or pump out Terra Formars chapters faster. Speaking of dirty scans, I couldn't even recognize the "in the next chapter" part at the end due to the terrible quality, so I just made something up and added "Martian Tourists". That said, we have now readed the end of the 13th volume. Yay! Also, ;display none shouldn't be too far behind so I'm sure they'll have their release out sooner or later. I'll post the link for it here when they do, though. Wouldn't want all their effort to go to waste. All said and done, you can find links for chapter 129 below. See ya!

Fixed a thing or two. The "worshipping" to "worshipping it" and the "in the next chapter segment".