Sunday, 30 August 2015

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Misc GB and SNES Porn Slideshows

Average Evangelion Fan
Now, this is a rather weird thing since somebody back in the 90's I presume must have created these Evangelion porn slideshows and shoved them on carts, which further I presume to have been sold under the counter or some other means. Or, they were created not when the show came out but when people were able to create their own retro hacks and such online, and then somebody just put them on the net. Who knows the real story, though. Anyhow, if you're a fan of old style pixel porn then I guess you'll enjoy what you find in the slideshows. The first is a slideshow with some text and no porn dedicated solely to Rei for the Game Boy (the only one) so get yourself an emulator and make sure you do the same for the following as well, the second is dedicated solely to Asuka except this time there is porn though not all of it is, the third is pics from the show slapped on a cart and no porn, and last but not least the fourth Slideshow E is actual porn of most the female cast with some nasty looking crotch hair for the most part. Now, the images which I have dropped below are just some examples from the slideshows that aren't too pervy (the Misato one is for the nasty scar, or is it?) so check the actual thing out itself for the real porn if you're interested. All said and done, who really knows when these things were made so I just put 199X for the date, and yes, that is a Fist of the North Star reference. Umm, bye! Enjoy your porn! Or not seeing how not all of it is porn, but whatever. Umm, bye again!

Rei Demo (Game Boy)

Asuka Slideshow (SNES)


Slideshow E

P.S. - I doubt much people even known that these porn/slideshow carts even exist outside of the Russian Evangelion community where I found them. Neat stuff if you ask me. Not the porn, just the act that they exist.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel Graphics Rip (PC)

I already know the game was ripped many years ago way back in 2003 or somewhat, but I always prefer to do it myself if possible since I want to keep them in their "original format" and not recompressed by some asshole. That said, I separated everything into their respective folder so you should find what you're looking for easily. Also, I'll drop some images of interest below since the first is flashed very quickly so you don't really get to see it, and the second and third are rough sketches of a background scene and Shinji's face. Both are used in the game (the finished result, not the sketches), but it was nice to see that these drawings were left behind in the games files. All said and done, enjoy the rip. Bye!

Pics of Interest

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel (PC English Download)

I really gotta start uploading and building my Evangelion games archive. I meant to start doing it like last year but I got totally sidetracked with a ton of shit and completely forgot. However, I'll start doing that now and begin to add download links for all the games available, starting with this. Enjoy! It's the English patched version since that's all I could find but I'll try and locate the Japanese version sooner or later. Anyhow, that's all folks. See ya!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 136 English Translation

Had a fucking hard time with this one due to the insane and taxing redrawing of the title page and some other parts and some odd translation stuff, too, and I know the redraw on the first page looks like shit but I had very little to work with so that's the best it's gonna get with my abilities. Anyhow, everything else is fine so there's no much wrong with this chapter. Though I'd prefer an actual redrawer to help me but it seems I just have to do every fucking thing myself like usual. Meh. Also, I just felt like changing things because reasons, so Kai says "Hold up" instead of "Don't move", and at the "smacks lips" point, it says "slap" but that's just SFX for "smacking lips" while spitting not that the SFX at that point is for spitting, so I jived up the TL and added in "smacks lips" because so we uh soma suicide squad. Furthermore, the "in the next chapter" part was unreadable so I just "improvised" and added in that special something Terra Formars is missing. And lastly, enjoy the credits page. I know you guys love em! Man am I feeling pissed!

P.S. - Added a music player on my blog with some music from Terra Formars and other shows I like, FYI. Enjoy! Umm, meh! Also, I have no clue what that "woman of four" part is meant to imply. Meh!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Hinamizawa Bus Stop Stage Play

I doubt that anybody else is gonna mention or post about this, but it seems that the Japanese stage play adaptation of Hinamizawa Bus Stop had its first showing the other day on the 26th, and R07 actually put up a picture of himself with the play's cast on Twitter. Pretty neat if you ask me. Also, you might want to check out its website for more details, and the official twitter for more pics, too. Furthermore, there was an Australian guy who planned (announced before the Japanese one, FYI) to have his own stage play adaptation of the same story sometime late this year, but I wonder if it has fallen apart or if it will actually go ahead and happen. Who knows, but I'll e-mail the guy and see what's up. Anyhow, I'm unsure if the Japanese stage play will come to video or not, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Bye!
Fixed lighting version. Check out proto-Irie and Takano.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Neon Genesis Evangelion: ORENOGELION Q (Doujin)

Just noticed this cool looking Evangelion doujin  artbook of sorts. It's got all kinds of designs based on other shows (I think), and even a Persona one so check it out if you're interested. Also, you may remember EVA FIX Abnormals in Dairy Life, this one is much like that. Bye!


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Neo Devilman Volume 3 Chapter 3 English Translation

Now, if you know anything about me or have at least followed my blog for some time, then you would know that I am an avid Go Nagai and Devilman fan. That said, it was sad to see that not all of Neo Devilman was translated, and it seems that everyone cherry picked the short stories based on who wrote them because the guy who wrote this chapter and all the other guys who did the rest of the untranslated ones are either nobody's, have done very little manga, or just work at Dynamic Pro. Anyhow, I also plan on translating the rest of the untranslated short stories on the side while keeping my weekly Terra Formars release, FYI, so I hope you enjoy this chapter and its translation, and look forward to my next Neo Devilman chapter release sometime in the future. See ya!

P.S. - The story and ending of this chapter is a rather odd thing. Still, enjoy. Also, I'll be changing to batoto for the read online versions of chapters. I just linked mangafox out of laziness before.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 135 English Translation

Man am I glad to have this chapter over and done with. I mean, there was a fuckton of redrawing to do and it was way too much and hard for my current skills to handle. There wasn't much room (not literal room) on some of the pages for the most part so the redraw may look bad at times. That's not to say it looks doesn't look "okay", but I'm not too satisfied to say the least. Anyhow, I'll not hold you too much longer so you can find the necessary links below. Also, enjoy the credits page. I just know you'll love it. Ah ha ha ha ha!

P.S. - There are some TL things that I could rant about, but I'm not really in the mood so I won't bother. Not that anyone would read it, anyway. Meh. 

Review: Gakuen Taikutsu Otoko

Now, this one I have a love/hate relationship with because it’s just so darn over the top crazy and insane but at the same time one of the most retarded messes that I have ever read. Let’s begin. It is very funny and the comedy works for the most part, but the amount of unnecessary violence leaves a sour taste in my mouth because this could have been a really good parody/comedy manga without it. I’ll give you some info about the plot so you can understand why though. Okay, the school system has fallen apart and students of all kinds are rebelling so the government allows teachers to carry and use guns and also brings in hired guns to keep law and order. I’ve already lost you, haven’t I? Anyway, it’s done in the style of a western with shootouts, cowboys, robberies, stagecoaches being used for transport except with motorcycles instead of horses? And yes, they do lift up when the driver order them to stop, and then there’s all that other jazz you’ll immediately notice if you start reading. Oh, did I mention there’s nobody even on the motorcycles. Hilarious. Nagai can be real funny when he wants to.
See what I mean?
Well, now that I got those parts out of the way, let’s move onto a little criticism. The first volume is pretty much an 7/10 but if all that violence (heads being blown off and much more) was removed I’d actually give it a glowing 9/10. I mean, the comedy works and the way the plot is set up is like an actual parody/comedy manga, but then people start to get their heads blown off, their throats cut, dragged to death on the backs of motorcycles, and all that just makes me scratch my head and wonder what exactly Nagai is trying to get across with this. Is it a parody/comedy, or is it just Nagai fucking around? Though Nagai is like that a lot so you could say that is his thing, but I still think it would have been better if it was just a parody/comedy. Meh. Anyway, while the first volume is still pretty good even with all that shit, the second and third volumes dip in quality drastically. The second is at best a 5/10 and the third hits rock bottom at a 2/10 or 3/10. Now, while the first was about our zany insane lead taking down a high school, the second is not and the third involves some horror house full of monsters and it’s really lame to say the least. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I’d ramble on forever and never stop, so I think I’ll end things here. This manga is a weird thing because as it is insanely enjoyable it is at the same time ridiculously stupid and bat shit insane, and I recommend you to check it out for just that.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri: Kakera Asobi Graphics Rip

Like how I sorted out and organised the Sui rip, I actually did the same for Matsuri all the way back during late of last year. But, I kinda forgot about it and only remembered recently. That said, while you could say that Sui is superior in every single way to Matsuri, I still think that it's worthwhile to keep a backup of its assets since there were changes made to Sui's so you can have those which you prefer (Sui or Matsuri) or maybe even if you'd like to compare the differences. Either or, enjoy the rip. It has been on the net for a long time but at least now it's sorted. Bye!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Review: Jushin Liger (Manga)

I wasn't even going to write a review of Jushin Liger because it left such a sour taste in my mouth after reading that I really didn't want to bother. But alas, I must, even if it is months later. Yes, I did read it a few months ago but talking about it is pretty straightforward so it shouldn't be a problem and I’ll try to keep this short, too. Now, Liger is more or less the generic boy gets giant robot and superpowers to fight the bad guys Power Rangers sentai bullshit that you’ve seen a million times already. It’s doesn't add/bring anything new to the genre and it’s very generic with plot lines like one of the bad guys turns good guy (Example: Tommy from Power Rangers) and practically everything in it. It’s unoriginal, the characters are uninteresting, everything is bland, and it’s Nagai’s worst work that I have read. Though I haven't read that much Nagai so there’s probably something worse out there. Also, speaking of Power Rangers, Liger’s transformed mech state kinda reminds me of Lord Zedd himself. I just wanted to mention that. Umm, moving on. To sum things up, Liger is an unoriginal soulless piece of garbage that you shouldn't bother reading. There. Actually, one last thing, the scans suck and whoever did them didn't know what they were doing. They're freaking ugly and they should be ashamed. Done.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Saikano: Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (PS2 Video Game)

I originally got interested in this game after watching the anime way back in 2012 (I think. My memory is kinda fuzzy) and wanted to check it out. So I then hit the net and found a recently uploaded download on one of those Japanese games blog and got it. However, I quickly forgot about it since that was before I got into translating and moved on. Though when I did in 2014, I was contacted by Kratos (or I contacted him, can't remember) sometime early that year on romhacking, but since I was busy I put it off. However, I eventually got around to it again midway into this year, asked him about it and realised that it was NOT on the net anymore, and that I was probably the only guy who had the game. All the links were dead and so was any torrent of it that EVER existed. But Kratos managed to find it off a friends personal storage or something like that, and began seeding it to me since the one I had, had a different MD5 checksum than this, and because of that the file extract script he made would not work with it. Then skip months later when it was eventually finished (Summer and stuff), I got what I could from the game (all the exclusive animation and such) and I uploaded it. Anyway, enough of my little story. This is an adventure game/visual novel in-which you control Shuji through the story of the anime (depending on your choices) and the choices you make affect Chise's stability/love meter and thus you proceed down the different available paths and routes. You can also end up with Chise, Akemi, or Fuyumi depending on what you do, so there is various endings for you to unlock. The download is below. I split it into 8 parts since my upload speed is shit, but it is good enough so check out the game if you're interested. Bye!


Sunday, 16 August 2015

Devilman Artbook: The Devilman (1990)

An anon on 4chan uploaded and scanned a Devilman artbook from 1990 recently and there's some really nice artwork and such in there. It starts off with various artwork which you may recognise and ends itself with scenes and staff credits from the OVA that came out around the time. It's pretty neat so I'd recommend you to check it out if you're an avid Nagai or Devilman fan.


Friday, 14 August 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 134 English Translation

Apparently to some this'll just be another unreadable, not understandable mess translated by somebody who's first language isn't English and is Asian. The internet's kinda weird, isn't it? Ahem. Anyway, while I know that it may not read or flow the best, it is still understandable so if you can't understand, then you're probably just an idiot who doesn't understand English yourself. Also, if you have problems with my TL's or anything in general, then the least you could do is actually bring those problems to me instead of bitching elsewhere so I can deal with them. That's all, so thank you, and enjoy the chapter.

P.S. - Michelle and her father talk to each other about the latter (even her father himself) in third person, but that's just how the Japanese speak, so I had to adapt it. Example: "Michelle, will you come with father?" to "Michelle, will you come with me?" See what I mean? I just wanted to bring that up. Also, on pages 2-3, it actually says, "A light of life flickers. Between the threshold of life and death she is!", but that sounds a bit odd so I changed it to "A life light flickers. She is between the threshold of life and death!". There's also some other stuff but I doubt anyone's interested.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Saikano: Saishuu Heiki Kanojo - Two Music Tracks from the PS2 Game

There were also two song tracks on the games disc that were accessible (the games soundtrack is in a compressed format, sadly) so I decided to upload them, too. The first (the embedded video) is the long play version of the anime's ending theme Sayonara by Yuria Yato which is amazing and the other is an unknown song that I haven't heard before. It could be new or exclusive to the game, but if it isn't and somebody recognises it, then please let me know. That said, they were just music tracks without video so I had to slap some artwork to display for the video’s runtime. I was thinking of using the anime’s DVD cover but that didn't look too good so I went with Chise’s butt. And that’s artwork from the Love Song 2002 artbook, FYI. You can find it on e-hentai or various other places if you're interested or like the artwork. Either or, enjoy the nice music. See ya!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2nd Kaworu-kun Ending Patch

Since the developers themselves never bothered to actually include a Kaworu ending, I decided to add one in myself. It's an edited version of another scene with dialogue also taken from other parts of the game, so I hope the end result is good enough for fans. Enjoy. Or you can just alternately just watch the Youtube video of it that I uploaded. Either or, just make sure that you already have the English translation applied before you dump the files into the games directory since this is a patch. See ya!

P.S. - Yes, I did pick the dialogue like that on purpose, FYI. laughingelfman.jpg

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Saikano: Saishuu Heiki Kanojo - All PS2 Exclusive Anime Cutscenes

All PS2 exclusive anime cutscenes from the Saikano PS2 video game ripped from its disc directly. I included the intro and placed it first since there's also new animation in that, and ended it with the happy wedding ending to make things that more sweet knowing the canon ending. Just thinking about it still brings a tear to my eye. To ho ho. Anyway, I talked a bit with the God of War himself Kratos in this thread, and he very kindly wrote a script to extract the games files not long ago, so thank him for allowing me to gain access to these videos in the first place. Also, if you didn't know, AKEMI CAN LIVE in the game if certain conditions are fulfilled, so somewhere in the video you'll see her simply crawl out from under a wardrobe of sorts. Yippee! It was really sad when she died so having an option to save her in the game really means a lot to me. Just wish the same could be said for Rei in ARP but we got fucked there, it seems. I blame Anno. Anyway, you can also hook up with Fuyumi, too, so that's a nice bonus. All said and done, if you've ever watched this anime which I believe to be THE GREATEST ANIME OF ALL TIME, then this video is a MUST WATCH. Check it out.

P.S. - I also uploaded the intro of the game separately, FYI, so check that out, too, if you're interested. 

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel Disc Bonus

I played the first GOS2 recently and it was rather mediocre to say the least. Anyway, that's not exactly the point of this post so let's continue. After I played the game, I then checked around the disc to see if there was anything, and there was. Scans of the manual could be found and also a folder of images and some artwork. Neat stuff if you ask me. Though since viewing them means downloading the actual game, I think I'll just upload them separately for you guys to see, too. Have fun! The link is below.