Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Neo Devilman Volume 3 Chapter 3 English Translation

Now, if you know anything about me or have at least followed my blog for some time, then you would know that I am an avid Go Nagai and Devilman fan. That said, it was sad to see that not all of Neo Devilman was translated, and it seems that everyone cherry picked the short stories based on who wrote them because the guy who wrote this chapter and all the other guys who did the rest of the untranslated ones are either nobody's, have done very little manga, or just work at Dynamic Pro. Anyhow, I also plan on translating the rest of the untranslated short stories on the side while keeping my weekly Terra Formars release, FYI, so I hope you enjoy this chapter and its translation, and look forward to my next Neo Devilman chapter release sometime in the future. See ya!

P.S. - The story and ending of this chapter is a rather odd thing. Still, enjoy. Also, I'll be changing to batoto for the read online versions of chapters. I just linked mangafox out of laziness before.


  1. Thanks man, I really appreciate if you can complete Neo Devilman, I am indeed avid to read in full. Thanks again

    1. Don't worry, I plan to. I think I'll do volume 3 chapter 2 next. It's got a shota with a huge snake dong, FYI. http://tw.greywool.com/i/stjif.jpg