Monday, 3 August 2015

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2nd Progress Update - 3rd August 2015

Actually forgot to write a progress report a few weeks ago, but I guess this final one with do before the translation is fully released sometime this week. That said, I have now translated 99.9% of the game, and all that's left to do is some fixing up and the chapter title cards that appear throughout the game which shouldn't take long. All said and done, I would just like to mention that the Japanese script had a ton of errors all the way through from missing question marks, missing full stops and brackets, not taking new dialogue screens for when different characters talk, and even naming Maya as Ibuki during a section of the game even though the former is what is used at every other point. Pretty odd, huh? You’d think they would have at least checked over their game before release, but lazy devs will be lazy devs, am I right? Jokes aside, I also recorded all the games joke endings and uploaded them to YouTube, so check them out if you're interested. Furthermore, I’ll be doing the same for the games endings and for the rest of my play through, FYI. And lastly, I was going to do a beta test of sorts before releasing/finalising the translation to get feedback and to spot check for mistakes and errors that I have may have overlooked after my own, but that would be too much hassle and I doubt people would take it seriously and report errors so I'm not gonna bother. Anyhow, that’s really everything that I wanted to say. Bye!


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  2. I have just discovered your translation, thanks a lot for translating it. If I can help you or something just tell me

  3. Thanks a lot for working on this project! :)