Sunday, 30 August 2015

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Misc GB and SNES Porn Slideshows

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Now, this is a rather weird thing since somebody back in the 90's I presume must have created these Evangelion porn slideshows and shoved them on carts, which further I presume to have been sold under the counter or some other means. Or, they were created not when the show came out but when people were able to create their own retro hacks and such online, and then somebody just put them on the net. Who knows the real story, though. Anyhow, if you're a fan of old style pixel porn then I guess you'll enjoy what you find in the slideshows. The first is a slideshow with some text and no porn dedicated solely to Rei for the Game Boy (the only one) so get yourself an emulator and make sure you do the same for the following as well, the second is dedicated solely to Asuka except this time there is porn though not all of it is, the third is pics from the show slapped on a cart and no porn, and last but not least the fourth Slideshow E is actual porn of most the female cast with some nasty looking crotch hair for the most part. Now, the images which I have dropped below are just some examples from the slideshows that aren't too pervy (the Misato one is for the nasty scar, or is it?) so check the actual thing out itself for the real porn if you're interested. All said and done, who really knows when these things were made so I just put 199X for the date, and yes, that is a Fist of the North Star reference. Umm, bye! Enjoy your porn! Or not seeing how not all of it is porn, but whatever. Umm, bye again!

Rei Demo (Game Boy)

Asuka Slideshow (SNES)


Slideshow E

P.S. - I doubt much people even known that these porn/slideshow carts even exist outside of the Russian Evangelion community where I found them. Neat stuff if you ask me. Not the porn, just the act that they exist.

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