Monday, 17 August 2015

Saikano: Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (PS2 Video Game)

I originally got interested in this game after watching the anime way back in 2012 (I think. My memory is kinda fuzzy) and wanted to check it out. So I then hit the net and found a recently uploaded download on one of those Japanese games blog and got it. However, I quickly forgot about it since that was before I got into translating and moved on. Though when I did in 2014, I was contacted by Kratos (or I contacted him, can't remember) sometime early that year on romhacking, but since I was busy I put it off. However, I eventually got around to it again midway into this year, asked him about it and realised that it was NOT on the net anymore, and that I was probably the only guy who had the game. All the links were dead and so was any torrent of it that EVER existed. But Kratos managed to find it off a friends personal storage or something like that, and began seeding it to me since the one I had, had a different MD5 checksum than this, and because of that the file extract script he made would not work with it. Then skip months later when it was eventually finished (Summer and stuff), I got what I could from the game (all the exclusive animation and such) and I uploaded it. Anyway, enough of my little story. This is an adventure game/visual novel in-which you control Shuji through the story of the anime (depending on your choices) and the choices you make affect Chise's stability/love meter and thus you proceed down the different available paths and routes. You can also end up with Chise, Akemi, or Fuyumi depending on what you do, so there is various endings for you to unlock. The download is below. I split it into 8 parts since my upload speed is shit, but it is good enough so check out the game if you're interested. Bye!



  1. I noticed your vids for Saikano on Youtube were deleted, tis a shame, but I came across this site which as a nice amount of technical specification on the game

    1. Yeah, some guy on 4chan's /m/ really hates me and flagged a bunch of my videos on YT (which he gloated about in a thread) which in turn got my account which I've had since 2006 terminated. Sucks, but there's nothing I can do about it.

      Anyhow, I've got those videos on my computer as I wouldn't just upload and remove the source like that. I'll probably upload them elsewhere, but I had a shit-ton of videos on YT and losing them really hurt.