Saturday, 1 August 2015

Terra Formars Live-Action Teaser

Oh! It seems they've released a teaser for the Terra Formars movie set to come out next year the other day. Interesting. However, it is sad to know that they have yellow-washed the entire cast and changed all the foreign characters to Japanese. I knew they would do that because Japan always does that and they are kinda racist against all types of foreigners (except their women because T&A), but I wanted to hope that they wouldn't. Hmm. Still, the entire point of the team being multinational is to show that it's a joint-effort and that not just one country is aiming for Mars, so removing that element will mess things up entirely since a large portion of the plot revolves around the influence of the world powers and if they attempt to adapt past BUGS 2. Also, the terraformar at the end of the teaser looked like it was practical but I doubt they'll be when the movie comes out. Japan isn't keen on practical effects so it'll probably be a big CGI fest like many other anime/manga adaptations. Meh. The eyes are also a bit too big and from what we can see it overall doesn't look too cockroach, and yes, I am blaming you Takashi Miike, and I've seen Zebraman. Meh. It's going to be terrible, isn't it?


  1. Fucking, its unreal. Instead of anime they are going to make movie.

    It will end like DBZ movie

  2. wow, seriously, awesome, i hope michelle K. Davis will be as awesome as in the manga

    1. wait, i just google it, and there are no michele k davis, damn

    2. Yeah, they're kinda yellow-washing the entire cast like Japan always does. A pity.