Thursday, 6 August 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 133 English Translation

This chapter didn't take long to do and man am I glad. I mean, the raws are like 15 chapters ahead so I really want to catch up to where they are. That said, I haven't got anything else to say so you can go ahead and enjoy the chapter if you haven't already skipped ahead. See ya!

P.S. - It says "The most beloved" at the end, but that sounds really awkward so I just changed it to "our most beloved"so it flows better. Also, at the "single hard fact" part on page 7, it said "it was reality" afterwards but just "reality" flows much better, and the former sounds kinda unnecessary when just "reality" could have been said. Meh. Lastly, on pages 8-9, I think that's Kai saying "is it the body of..." because there's a "ka" (indicates question) at the end so it makes no sense for Akari to say it. Hmm. This stuff really puzzles me sometimes. Oh yeah, on the title page it says that the 200 samples they collected were stolen even though they never collected that many, or did I miss something? Meh. Actual last thing to add, on the page where Michelle says "first kiss was, you know", she said "first kiss wa yo", and "wa yo" in itself doesn't have any meaning since it's just there to add emphasis to the sentence, which in turn depending can mean "you know". I just wanted to mention this. Umm, meh.

Fixed those awkward lines on pages 12-13 to something more understandable.


  1. Thanks you very much for new chapter. We stopped getting even raw chapter.

  2. yeah, awesome, now i can understand the story a lil bit